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Super Mario Bros 3 Cheats and Warp Locations – NES Classic Edition

by Prima Games Staff

Originally released on the NES in 1989, Super Mario Bros. 3 made its way to the NES Classic Edition for old and new fans to enjoy. Centered around brothers Mario and Luigi, the third entry in the popular series follows the pair as they set off to once more save Princess Toadstool from Bowser and his children. Featuring much of the same platforming action included with the first two, the third game also includes additional powers and elements to help bring the world of Mario alive like never before. In this article we’ll show you some of the coolest secrets, as well as teach you how to find and use Warp Whistles to progress through the game in record time.

How to Get Infinite 1-Ups

The first secret we’re going to take a look at is more of a glitch than a secret, according to most fans. This method will let you place a Koopa Troopa shell in a particular area that will allow you to constantly rack up points, leading to extra 1-Ups. To do this, you’ll want to head to World 3-4. When you arrive, continue through the level to the halfway point where you slide down a very long hill. This leads to another somewhat long hill with a group of Koopas on it.

If you take them out and grab one of their shells, bring it to the right until a Lakitu appears above you. Now turn back to the left and look for the two question mark blocks with a pipe and bricks nearby. There are some wood blocks on the ground. Put the Koopa shell between the blocks and let it start bouncing from side to side. Then, simply wait for the Lakitu to start dropping its little spinies. They will get killed by the shell, earning you points and 1-Ups after a few moments. The video below shows this same method as well as a few harder to accomplish methods.

All Warp Whistle Locations

Making a triumphant return to the series are Warp Locations. This time around, though, they don’t work off of potions and vases. Instead, you’ll need to find special Warp Whistles that are cleverly hidden across select levels in Super Mario Bros. 3. These Warp Whistles will transport you to special Warp Locations, where you can easily jump between different levels. There are three of them altogether.

The first Warp Whistle can be found in World 1-3. Near the end of the stage, you should spot a special looking white block. Trust us, it will stand out. Hop on the block and then duck on it to magically fall through the world and into the background. You have 30 seconds until it throws you back out into the foreground. Run to the right towards the end of the stage, moving past the final area. Backstage, you will find a Toad who will give you this first Warp Whistle.

The second Warp Whistle for Super Mario Bros. 3 can be found in the Mini Fortress in Grass Land. After starting the stage, head to the right until you spot a door with a low ceiling. Don’t move through the door, though. Instead, you will need to use a Racoon Leaf and build up enough speed to fly. Fly to the top of the level and move all the way to the right to spot a secret door. Enter the secret door and grab the Warp Whistle out of the chest inside.

The final Warp Whistle in the game can be found inside Desert Land, which is the second world of the game. Beat the first Hammer Bro on the map and you’ll receive a hammer for your trouble. Wait to use it until the very end of the map, then use the hammer to destroy a rock on the upper right-hand corner of the map. Defeat the Fire Bros inside the secret area that is revealed to receive the third Warp Whistle.

How to Warp Straight to World 8

Want to skip the majority of the game and go to World 8? You can easily do this during the first World. Grab the first two Warp Whistles we mentioned above, then use one of them. This will teleport you to the Warp Location. Hop on the World 4 pipe, but don’t go anywhere just yet. Instead, use the second Warp Whistle. This will teleport you to World 8, where you can continue your Mario adventure and stop Bowser in record time!

How to Easily Clear the N-Panel

Having trouble cleaning up that N-Panel? Next time, try to remember that each and every N-Panel board has the same three cards along its bottom right-hand corner. From right to left, the cards will always be Star, Flower and Mushroom. Remember that, and you’ll have a lot less trouble clearing out those N-Panels.

There are plenty of other secrets to be found in older games like Super Mario Bros. 3, but these are some of the coolest available. Make sure to grab those extra 1-Ups, as they’ll help you out on your journey to stop Bowser and save the world. You can find more cheats and secrets like this in our NES Classic Edition guide, or take a trip back to a classic with our Super Mario Bros. cheats and secrets.


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