If you’re jumping into Super Mario 3D All-Stars, you may have questions like how many stars you need to collect in Super Mario 64.

Even if you played Super Mario 64 as a kid back in 1996, it may be hard to remember the exact number.

To help, we’ve put together a quick overview on how many stars there are in Super Mario 64, and how many you’re required to collect.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How Many Stars in Super Mario 64

One of the three games available in Super Mario 3D All-Stars is Super Mario 64. The game is pretty much identical to the one you might’ve played when it first came out in 1996.

The key difference is in the visuals and how you play the game on Nintendo Switch. The locations and everything else remain the same, including the number of stars you need to collect.

In total, there are 120 stars that you can collect in Super Mario 64, with the required number of stars that you need to collect being 70.

If you’ve never played Super Mario 64, you’ll need to get creative in order to collect these stars. For example, to get one of the first stars in the game you’ll need to defeat the Big Bob-omb.

Other stars can be collected through challenges, like beating Koopa the Quick in a race. As expected, some stars are easier to get than others.

Given that you only need 70 to complete the game, you can rest assured that even if you miss one or two here and there, you’ll still be able to make it through to the end. 

Again, there are 120 stars in total in Super Mario 64, and you need to collect 70 of these stars to reach the end.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is available now on Nintendo Switch. In addition to Super Mario 64, the game also includes other Mario classics including Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

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