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Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training Mode Explained

More chances to grind without opening your wallet

by Lucas White

It’s almost time for the Monster Hunter crossover event in Street Fighter Duel. An update recently laid a lot of the groundwork for the event, but it also brought a new mode in called Wonderland Training. It’s tucked into a weird spot and isn’t really explained, so players may be wondering what the hell it even is. So with that being said, here’s a little guide to the new Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training mode.

Street Fighter Duel Wonderland Training Mode Explained

If you’ve already been playing Street Fighter Duel since it came out, you aren’t gonna see a clear indication this new mode even exists. To find it, hop over to the Challenge screen and you’ll see a little UI icon representing an arcade fight stick crammed in above the level map. Click on that to access Wonderland Training. If you’re new to the game, the mode will unlock after you beat stage 2-1.

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Essentially, it seems like Wonderland Training is a series of small challenges meant to prepare players for the bigger challenges found in the Global Operation stages. You know, ones like the dreaded Frozen Cave. So what that means is you’re looking at a bunch of things like box-pushing and ice tile sliding puzzles. It’s like a bunch of levels in a super early Game Boy game, but with predatory microtransactions involved in the margins. If you don’t need training in these kinds of puzzles though, there’s still an incentive to check Wonderland Training out.

Clearing these little stages offers some fairly substantial rewards. While there are still levels and rewards to come, clearing what’s currently on offer will net you the following rewards:

  • 4200 gems
  • 20 Rare Accessories
  • A-Rank character choice (pool is Cammy, T. Hawk, Poison, Elena, C. Viper and Dhalsim)
  • 90 A-Rank Fragments
  • 10 Arcade Coins
  • 5 Faction Coins
  • 9 B Grade Invitations

That’s a lot of free characters! Even if you’re just building on stuff you already have, duplicate character draws are crucial to higher level play. I’ve lost count of how many Dans I’ve fed to my stronger Thunder characters.

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