Starfield: Start-Up Stopped Quest Walkthrough

Help an up-and-coming business owner build an empire.

Starfield Jane Weller in Cydonia
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It’s always a pleasure to help the little guy. When you figure out how to complete Start-Up Stopped in Starfield, you’re helping an independent business owner struggling to make it out of the pits of Cydonia and build her empire, one ship at a time!

How to Start Start-Up Stopped in Starfield

You’ll likely stumble upon Start-Up Stopped on accident by speaking with Jane Weller, an independent vendor who resides in the Residential District of Cydonia. She’s recently discovered that her newly purchased starship and its pilot, Erick, have gone missing. You offer to help her retrieve both while focusing on her planetside shop.

How to Complete Start-Up Stopped in Starfield

To complete Start-Up Stopped, you must track down the Berry Mule and find some way to return it and the pilot to Jane Weller. You can accomplish this via combat or persuasion, so your path is entirely up to you. I went in with a strongly worded speech and managed to walk away alive.

Start-Up Stopped Quest Objectives
Find the Berry Mule
Speak with the Mercenary Leader
Free Erick and Return to Jane

You will find Jane in the Residential District of Cydonia. She runs a small shop just past the main common room, through the door, and on the left-hand side, past the fence. It’s a tiny vendor. Just speak with her to start the quest, then it’s back to your ship.

You will find the Berry Mule nearby, above Triton, and it’s overrun with Ecliptic mercenaries and their leader, Gustavo. He’ll immediately engage in dialogue when you board, so you won’t have time to prepare for a persuasion check unless you do so on your ship.

Starfield Berry Mule Starship
Screenshot by Prima Games

As I previously said, you can either fight the mercenaries, working fast to ensure Erick remains alive, or persuade Gustavo to leave both and tell their employer the job went wrong. I managed to get lucky and score a critical persuasion check.

Starfield Berry Mule Mercenaries
Screenshot by Prima Games

Whatever route you take, the goal is to keep Erick alive. You’ll untie him, and he’ll fly the Berry Mule back to Cydonia.

Start-Up Stopped Quest Rewards

For being an independent businesswoman in Cydonia, Jane pays exceptionally well. I received:

  • 100 XP
  • 6200 Credits

You will receive the same amount of experience points but leveled credits, so yours may vary somewhat.

If you want to earn a bit more but don’t want to keep tackling side quests in Starfield, we recommend smuggling contraband!

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