Starfield: Psyched Quest Walkthrough

Finally! A psych eval that isn't your own!

Starfield Gilly Seong
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There’s nothing quite like the power trip of acting like a corporate stooge and helping perform employee valuations for those above. Here is how to complete Psyched in Starfield, a minor side quest but one that pays well!

How to Start Psyched in Starfield

To start Psyched, you must first complete Red Tape Reclamation from Trevor down in the mines and then visit the office during working hours to speak with Gilly Seong. She works in the same office where you acted as an assistant during the Red Tape questline.

How to Complete Psyched in Starfield

To complete Psyched, you must simply help Gilly Seong acquire the proper psychiatrist evaluations from various employees, including the corporate liaison who works in the office upstairs and two mining employees in the pit below. You won’t need your weapon, so keep it holstered!

Psyched Quest Objectives
Speak to Gilly Seong
Give Psych Evaluation to Leona
Give Psych Evaluation to Samund
Give Psych Evaluation to Andres
Return to Gilly Seong

It’s easy enough to track down the three employees. Each one will question your motives for speaking to them, but the moment you mention helping Gilly, they all happily complete your request.

Simply hand over the psych forms, wait for them to finish filling out the questionnaire, and then return all three to Gilly once you’re done. The worst part about this quest is traversing up and down the stairs leading into the mining pit below.

If you’re anything like me, you use a boost pack to jump over the railing and float down to the ground floor, then boost pack up again. It’s much more entertaining that way!

In any case, Gilly pays well for this minor task, so enjoy it.

Psyched Quest Rewards

For completing Psyched, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

It’s not much of a reward overall, but this is the easiest quest in Cydonia. And yes, I’m counting the Space Frog From Outer Space, which you should go and tackle next!

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