Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Zeffo Chests and Secrets Locations

Fancy yourself a collectibles fiend? You'll want our list of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo chests and secrets. This planet has a TON of them.

Collectibles are a huge part of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and we’re not just talking Echos. You’re going to be able to unlock a ton of cosmetic customizations, emitters, and even skins for BD-1. Each planet is home to its own set of things to get your mitts on, so check out our guide to all the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo chests and secrets.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Zeffo Chests and Secrets Locations

We’ve grouped the various collectibles by region in Zeffo, and where you’re going to need special skills to access some of those items, we’ll point that out to you too. Zeffo is a planet that Cal Kestis is going to revisit a whole heap of times in the game, so just keep that in mind while you’re browsing if you’re wondering why you haven’t quite heard of an area yet. If collecting some stim canisters has gotten you going, check out our guide on how to get those specifically

Abandoned Village (Force push, scomp link)

  • Guardian Outfit – You can find this by nicking onto the rooftops as soon as possible. Look to the far reaches for a sheer drop that has a door, and you’ll see the chest containing this.
  • Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Sleeve – Keeping in theme with the rooftop parkour, make sure that you’re keeping an eye out for some stormtroopers making conversation. They’ll be standing by a chest which contains this item. 
  • Durite Lightsaber Material – When you visit the locale again, you’ll have to take out a lot of enemies at ground level. Once you’ve done so, you can use Force push to get you to a chest which you’ll need scomp link to open. 

Ancient Catacombs

  • Charisma Mantis Paint – Head up to wind tunnel in the area and you’ll be popped out beside a chest containing this paint job.

Auger Pulverizers (Force Flip)

  • Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Switch – When you first crack into the area, make a beeline for the chest in the far corner for this material.
  • Durasteel Lightsaber Material – Don’t slow the first Pulverizer that it swings past the space you need to bypass it. You’ll notice a path, so head down there to get the chest.
  • Starfighter Mantis Paint – Kick up to where the Jedi temple is – traversing the area will bring you right on top of it, and look up to see a railing and the chest containing this Paint next to it.
  • Life Essence – After you’ve dealt with the Pulverizers and slowed them, exit the hallway and you might notice a whole bunch of poles. Head over there and you’ll see a Pulverizer that, well, you have to slow. This soon becomes a whole series of Pulverizers, and if you finish this Force Flip puzzle, you’ll find this Life Essence secret. 

Broken Wing (Overcharge, Force Pull, powered zipline) 

  • Force Essence – Use BD-1’s overcharge when you scale the structure on the far left of the map and find an electrical panel. You’ll be able to get through and go down the path tweaking the electricity. Eventually, you’ll be rewarded with this.
  • Orichalc Lightsaber Material – Trek through the Broken Wing until its necessary for you to monkey-bar your way over an untraversable gap. Take a dive instead and you’ll find a chest containing this material. 

Crash Site (Scomp link, Overcharge)

  • Hyper Shell Poncho Material – Head to the far left portion of the map until you reach a platform. There’s a chest on the right that you have to wall run to. 
  • Swoop BD-1 Skin – If you head to the center portion of the Crash Shite, you’ll need to use the scomp link to open the chest that you find by the portion of the cliff that juts out.
  • Life Essence – Unlike the previous collectibles, stick to the right of the map this time and you’ll see a crashed fighter with some rope dangling above it. Climb up, and use Overcharge on the panel that you see. You can then engage in another Pulverizer slowing jump puzzle to ascend higher and higher until you get this secret.
  • Polished Bronzium Lightsaber Material – Swim to the rightmost side of the map and you’ll notice a chest glinting in the light.
  • Elemental Nature Lightsaber Emitter – Swim over to the Venator Wreckage entrance, and you’ll find a bit of murky water. Dive deeper and you’ll see a chest up against a wall with this Emitter.
  • Elemental Nature Lightsaber Switch – Swim to the leftmost side of the map and you’ll see a cave if you dive deep enough. Head inside to find this chest.
  • Fjord Poncho Material – Head to the disk in the middle of the map and then dive underwater. You’ll see a small path, and to the left of where it beckons, a chest with this Poncho Material.
  • Grungio BD-1 Skin – Circle the island in the middle of the map and you’ll see a raised half-circle with a path leading to it on the right side of the structure. You’ll find a chest close by with this skin.
  • Elemental Nature Lightsaber Sleeve – There’s a ramp close to where you first submerge yourself on this map. Double back around to it and there’ll be a cave just underneath with this sleeve inside.

Derelict Hangar

  • BD-1 Blue Leader Skin – You’ll see this chest as soon as you disembark the Mantis, so it’s probably the easiest pick-up. 
  • Duty and Resolve Lightsaber Emitter – Start from the hangar roof until you reach a gap above a locked door. Pop down and through the door and do a 180, you’ll notice that there’s a bit jutting out that you can use to reach a chest.
  • Bravo Poncho Material – Look back to the Mantis and to the other side of the village’s door to find this chest.
  • Stim Canister Upgrade – Look right from the Mantis and you’ll find two scazz having a scrap. Take another left and you’ll get to more scazz, along with cave in the distance. Enter the cave and keep left to find this.

Gusty Bluffs

  • Life Essence – Slow the fan so you can navigate to the highest bluff, indicated by the meditation circle. Head right to see a path that will bring you to another set of puzzles, and a life essence secret at the end of it. 

Ice Caves

  • Cerakote Lightsaber Material – After you’ve explored the whole map and unlocked the elevators, you’ll see an imperial door. Two chests are right in view, and one will give this material while the other gives the Bestine BD-1 Skin.
  • Bestine BD-1 Skin – After you’ve explored the whole map and unlocked the elevators, you’ll see an imperial door. Two chests are right in view, and one will give this skin while the other gives the Cerakote Lightsaber Material.
  • Wayfarer Poncho Material – Once you’ve cleared the gap in the Ice Caves, a stone’s throw from the meditation circle, there’s a cave with this chest inside.
  • Arcetron Lightsaber Material – Head to the spinning platforms and leap over them to an elevator. Take out any enemies in your path 
  • Stim Canister – Starting from the Ice Caves, take out Jotaz and have a kip around with the platforms. You’ll see a set of vines close to the spinning platforms, and all you have to do is Flip and Force pull simultaneously to get a hold of those vines. Swing your way to the stim canister upgrade that is now in clear view.

Imperial Dig Site

  • Stim Canister – You’re probably going to remember having to take a lift to the Imperial HQ. There’s a zipline that runs perpendicular to that bridge, so hop on and Flip just before you reach your final destination to get on a platform. Waltz over a pipe, and you can break a wall down to reveal a room with a stim canister.

Imperial Headquarters (Overcharge, Force pull)

  • Serape Poncho Material – Head to the launch pad then take a left. You’ll have to use Overcharge to get through any barriers, and jump a vine gap at some point. You’ll eventually reach a floating island and there’s a chest behind the monument there.
  • Aurodium Lightsaber Material – Go left from the launch pad and slow the revolving fan. Take a left there and pull the bridge that’s against the wall. Use this to reach the chest above you.

Tomb of Eilram

  • Silvian Iron Lightsaber Material – You’ll be busy punting a whole lot of blocks around the tomb, and once you’ve cleared all of the relevant ones as per the game’s objectives, jump up on the last one to reach a nearby ledge with a chest on it.
  • Outlander Poncho Material – When you hit the area with the platforms, slide down and grab the rope that will move you on to the next area. Take the rope to your left instead, then jump onto a platform with this chest on it.

Tomb of Miktrull (Force Push)

  • Haysian Smelt Lightsaber Material – Head to the centerpiece of the map with the lanterns and the suspended orb. Jump to the lantern wall and head left onto a path which will lead to the chest.
  • Zodiac Drifter Mantis Paint Job – Don’t take on the ice slide quite yet – you’ll notice some vines. Swing over to them and you’ll end up at the mouth of a cave with some enemies. Once you’ve taken care of them and picked up a lantern, chuck it into the sky at the carved mouth and you’ll open up a path to traverse if you’ve slam-dunked it. The chest awaits at the end of this.
  • Greezy Money Mantis Paint Job – When you hit the bridge that’s got a faulty door, use the scomp link on the nearby crate. A Guardian will be bumping around if you’re unsure of the location. 
  • Life Essence – When you get to the room with magnetic sliding walls, head to the end of the room and you’ll hit a wall with a plant bomb close to it. Use Force Push to move it into the wall and you’ll uncover the secret.

Turbine Facility

  • Copper Lightsaber Material – Once the lights are on in here, head to the center platform’s chest. 

Venator Wreckage

  • Starfighter Poncho Material – before you exit the Wreckage, look to the far corner and you’ll have a chest that requires the scomp link to open. Another chest in the area contains the Cantonica BD-1 Skin.
  • Cantonica BD-1 Skin – before you exit the Wreckage, look to the far corner and you’ll have a chest that requires the scomp link to open. Another chest in the area contains the Starfighter Poncho Material.
  • Elemental Nature 2 Lightsaber Switch – Circle the Venator while in the water and you’ll see a gap in the wall behind it – enter to find this chest.
  • Stim Canister – Once you’ve moved through the Venator Wreckage and you’re about to wrap up, peek outside from the last room and look left to see a stim canister.

Weathered Monument (Force Push, scomp link)

  • Elemental Nature 2 Lightsaber Sleeve – Once you’ve hit the Imperial cliff, you’ll notice the path diverging at a large rock and a bunch of canisters. Loop around the rock to find this chest.
  • Mantis Occulation Paint Job – Scale the Imperial machine, and you’ll find a Stormtrooper’s ass to kick. While they’re just a leap away, don’t head to them but go left instead to see a chest.
  • Duty and Resolve 2 Lightsaber Switch – Head to the Imperial area and backtrack to the door that you’ll have had to lever open previously. Take a leap of faith to see another locked door that you can use the scomp link on that hides this chest.
  • Mantis Mercenary Paint Job – head to the tomb and you’ll notice a big grassy area. Head down the far slope and open the chest that you find with the scomp link.

Windswept Ruins

  • Duty and Resolve 2 Lightsaber Switch – Pause before you pop inside the tomb and you’ll notice a cave to your right with this chest inside.
  • Osmiridium Lightsaber Material – Similar to where you paused to get the Lightsaber switch, pause and look to the bridge on the right where you’ll see a chest. Use the wind tunnels on the left to ascend to the required height.

Now that you’ve got our comprehensive list of the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo chests and secrets, you should be able to satisfy your inner completionist. We’ll check back and add anything that we might have missed, but it’s been one hell of a long trek here to get all of these so we’re fairly confident that we’ve got them all down. Need a hand with anything else as Cal Kestis? Check out these other guides that we’ve put together:

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