Finding some of the fights in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order a bit difficult? There's a lot of different bosses just waiting to eviscerate you, and you'll need all of your wits and cunning about you (along with the Force) to defeat them. Well, our tips might help. Check out our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Null Chance boss guide for some advice.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Null Chance Boss Guide

You're going to encounter Null Chance when you also fight Atticus Rex. This is a bit of a double deal with the two of them, but you're going to want to first make sure that you take down the subject of this guide first. Null Chance is a bit annoying because even though she's a bit squishier than you might think, she's going to be supplemented by adds and also have ranged attacks that will be able to do you in. 

Make sure that you're trying to parry any bolts that come your way, and do the same with Rockets in order to deal with your armored foe. You'll have to pick off any adds first before you focus on the two bounty hunters, and your job will be to deflect projectiles until you get the chance to creep close and melee her as hard as possible. Rinse and repeat with this strategy until you take her down, and then you can start to focus on Atticus Rex who's the other distraction. With Null Chance out of the way, cleaning up should be relatively easy as long as you can keep track of everything that's happening both up close and far away. 

Now that you've got our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Null Chance boss guide, this fight should be a piece of cake. If you reckon that Cal Kestis might need much help in taking down other enemies, or just finding his way around the various planets, check out our other guides: