Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Legendary Beasts Guide – How to Defeat Them

Fancy yourself a hunter of creatures? Check out our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order legendary beasts guide for tips on how to defeat these rare critters.

If you picked up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order over the break and you’ve been banging through it, then you might find it handy to know how to kill off some of the rarer creatures in the game. While these aren’t compulsory kills by any means, who doesn’t love bragging rights? Here’s our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order legendary beasts guide so that you’ll be able to defeat all four of them.

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Legendary Beasts Guide – How to Defeat Them

What’s a Legendary Beast, you might ask? Well, at its core, it’s basically a souped up version of an enemy that you’ll be able to find in the overworld. These monsters are buffed up, so they’ll hit harder and also be harder to take down. There’s four rampaging around the game, and we’ve listed them below along with some strategies on how to defeat them. If you’re not sure where to actually find them, we have a whole other guide on their locations to take care of that part of the equation:

  • Albino Wyyyschokk – you’ll find this boss in the Imperial Refinery. Essentially, it’s a giant ugly spider. If you have arachnophobia, you’re definitely going to want to stay away here because there’s nothing for you but pain. It’ll attack once you’re in range, so make sure that you’re quick to dodge. Hit it hard from the back, and dodge its attack where it shoots out web onto the ground as well as the melee bite. If you can parry the bite, you’ll be able to stagger it and get some free hits in. When it rears up, get the hell out of there. 
  • Nydak Alpha – you can find this critter in the Nightmare Ruins. It’s got a hard bite, and way too many arms for our comfort. Essentially, once it starts whaling on you, it’s going to be hard to stop it so you’ll want to be able to dodge on time. It’s a big punchy boy, so stay out of melee range and watch out for its leap as well as a ground slam with a big wind-up that it will execute after punching you. You have to parry twice when it swings at you to trigger a big attack that will leave it prone when you dodge, allowing you to do damage.
  • Oggdo Bogdo – predictably, this creature will be in the Bogdo Sinkholes. It’s pretty easy as far as these legendary beasts go; those extra eyes don’t really do it all that much good. Avoid its bite attacks, and make sure to hit its back when its rampaging around. Oggdo Bogdo has a ranged attack where it’ll try and snag you with its tongue, and a leap. Just parry as per normal to stagger it, and attack whenever it has downtime.
  • Rabid Jotaz – this boss will be on Zeffo in a little quarantined area surrounded by wreckage. This is yet another enemy that’s going to rely on dealing a hell of a lot of damage to you with its arms. You’re going to want to dodge its melee attacks, particularly the haymaker, though some of its combinations are fairly easy to predict. When it glows, get out since you won’t be able to block that attack, but dodge when it slams into the ground and get your hits in. Hitting its back will stagger it, so take full advantage. 

Now that you have our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order legendary beasts guide on hand, you should be able to defeat them with enough work. Need help with anything else in the game? Check out these following tips and tricks:

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