Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Imperial Dig Site Secret

Trying to get every last collectible? Here's how to grab the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Imperial Dig site secret. Hint: you'll need to bust down a wall.

If you’ve been cracking through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, then you might know that while there’s plenty of fun things to do with the Force, another big draw is the collectibles in the game. We’re talking Echos, maps, and other additional items. Here’s how to find the elusive Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Imperial Dig Site secret

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Imperial Dig Site Secret

You’ll already be well-acquainted with the Imperial Dig Site if you’ve been trying to scout out every single collectible available in Fallen Order. There are 5 different collectibles, and the secret here (an Echo)  is actually next to a stim canister – the rest of the collectible items are also Echos. If the stim canisters are piquing your interest, we have a guide on where to get all of them. To get this secret, follow these easy directions:

  • You have to cross a big bridge to get to the Imperial HQ
  • You’ll find a zipline by that bridge, so get on that
  • Force Flip off the zipline when you see a rust-red platform below you
  • Land on the platform, and scooch along the pipe attached to it
  • When you get to a dead-end wall, use Force Push to break it
  • Knocking down the wall will let you enter a room with the Imperial Dig Site secret

Picking up the secret here at the Dig Site will add to your collection of the game’s rather extensive hidden items pile, so you’ll want to check this one off your list at some point. If you’ve missed it while you were cruising through the game and clocked it before realizing what you were missing out on, then don’t fret – you can revisit almost all of the areas that you’ve previously explored once you’ve finished the main story. Circle back and grab the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Imperial Dig Site secret when you have a moment.

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