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Spellbreak Tips and Tricks for Beginners

by Lucas White

Despite its smaller scale compared to traditional 100-player battle royale games, Spellbreak has been gaining ground due to its unique mechanics. Instead of shooting guns or swinging melee weapons, you’re using the power of elements in the form of magical spells. And while some of the spells are pretty basic, they all interact in ways that can really change your gameplay approach. Because of that distinct combat, you may be wondering if there are any good tips floating out there. 

Spellbreak Beginner’s Guide

Choose Your Drop Point Carefully

One cool thing about Spellbreak is that you can choose your drop point. The map displays several little circles, which you can choose before you actually “jump.” But there’s more to it than that. There are additional UI elements that tell you where mana vaults are placed, and even if other players have dropped into that area. If you don’t want to be in combat immediately, or you want to fight over a vault from the drop, this is a neat feature.

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Use Practice Mode

Spellbreak hits you with a tutorial the first time you play it, but aside from that and the normal game, there’s also a practice area you can use. The practice area gives you access to all the Runes and gauntlets, allowing you to try out how the different powers and element interactions work in real time. You’re still missing the human element of live play, but if you want extra preparation or just practice getting timing down, this is a crucial option.

Stay Mobile

It’s always a good idea in games like this to make sure you’re a moving target. But in Spellbreak, you want to use all available movement options. That includes levitation, which takes mana in exchange for a huge vertical leap, as well as Runes that provide various movement-adjacent bonuses. Everything is governed by cooldowns, but you have to keep in mind that most magic has some area of effect property, and strafing isn’t always going to cut it.

Be Careful!

No seriously, be careful. If you’re playing Squads (or Duos when it becomes available), you need to keep in mind that you aren’t just combining your own spells. Interactions also happen with the stuff your teammates are throwing out there, and friendly fire is absolutely a thing here. So if your buddy is playing with toxic clouds and you have fire, do your best not to cause an explosion while they’re in the middle of a stealth attempt.

Pay Attention to Orbs

In team-based modes, you won’t automatically be “exiled” when an opponent takes you out. You’ll see your “orb” floating where you died, and your teammates can use that to bring you back! So if you’re in a firefight and you survive but your pal doesn’t, don’t forget to revive them. And similarly, if you take someone down don’t forget to stick around and take care of the orb too, just to make sure they don’t come back for revenge.

These are going to be your fundamental concerns in Spellbreak, aside from the obvious. Don’t die, pay attention to your surroundings, don’t get caught in the Spellstorm, and pick up loot! This is a bit more of a methodical game compared to the twitchier, bullet-based battle royale games, which means if you do it right the combat can be pretty thrilling! But learning how to master the game is going to be a matter of experimentation and really figuring out what each gauntlet can do.

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