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South Park: Phone Destroyer – How to Win Without Spending Money

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to enjoy the fun card-based action of South Park: Phone Destroyer, but you don’t want to spend a ton of real money saving up for cards, then this guide is just for you. While you can spend money in South Park: Phone Destroyer, and it can help you get ahead of the curve a little, the game can be equally enjoyed without every dropping a single cent into it. Today we’ll show you how to win in South Park: Phone Destroyer without spending any money.

Claim Your Free Card Packs

One of the main points of South Park: Phone Destroyer is gathering new cards for your deck. Not only will this allow you to make your deck stronger and more powerful, but you’ll also be able to expand your deck and build up specific setups that will work well in PvP matches. Thankfully, to help make the grind easier, the developers have put in a drop system that rewards players with free Card Packs every few hours. We’d suggest even letting the game send you push notifications about card packs being available, as this will increase your chances of be able to get even more cards along the way.

Use Your Extra Locker Slot

Phone Destroyer rewards players that win matches by letting them choose three random lockers from a lineup of ten. That’s three chances to win some really handy rewards, which can range from upgrade materials to new cards for your deck. You can also claim a free additional unlock on the lockers by watching an ad. While this may seem tempting to do at first, we’d suggest holding off and only using this option when you haven’t nabbed all of the best loot available. After you’ve done this a few times the ad will need four hours to refresh, so make sure you maximize its usefulness.

Purchase Materials Early

As you first start off in Phone Destroyer, make sure you aren’t purchasing a ton of cards. While you could build up your deck early on, it’s better to spend your currency buying more upgrade materials. This will make your cards stronger, which will allow you to stand your own for much longer, which is something you’ll definitely want to do as you try to win in Phone Destroyer. In fact, we’d suggest ignoring any card purchases for the few several hours (at least four to five hours) and just farm for materials. That way when you do purchase cards that you want, you’ll already have the necessary materials to get them upgraded and ready to rock with your current deck.

Claim your free card packs, use up that extra locker unlock, and make sure you farm for materials early on. If you can grasp these three simple things, then you’ll be well on your way to starting off strong in South Park: Phone Destroyer. For more help in Phone Destroyer, be sure to take a look at our guide on how to get more cards.

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