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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Difficulty Settings

by Bryan Dawson

South Park: The Fractured But Whole difficulty settings are not what many expected them to be. While you can change the difficulty settings in the game, there’s not much impact unless you directly change the combat difficulty. This article covers South Park: The Fractured But Whole difficulty settings, explaining how to change the difficulty and what it will alter in the game. As always, South Park is a mature game, so if you’re not comfortable with potentially offensive content, stop reading now.

Difficulty Settings

When you first begin the game, you must create your character. In this section you can adjust your hair, makeup, facial hair, eyewear, clothing and hands. If you move on to the next screen the game allows you to choose your difficulty, which changes the skin color of your character. The darker your character’s skin, the higher the difficulty setting. This won’t have a direct impact on the difficulty of the game, but as Cartman jokes, it will impact everything else in your life. Morgan Freeman will help you get one artifact if you’re Black, but you won’t be able to fight Morgan Freeman for the trophy/achievement if you’re Black. You can also change your skin color at any point after PC Principle shows up at Crunchy’s Micro Brew.

South Park The Fractured But Whole Difficulty Setting

Combat Difficulty

If you’re looking to adjust the actual difficulty of combat and fights in the game, you can do that using the pause menu once you get into the game. The game defaults to the Heroic setting, which is basically the Normal difficulty setting. Casual is essentially easy mode, and Mastermind is the most difficulty setting. If you select Mastermind, enemies will be more difficult to defeat.

Difficulty Setting Challenge
Casual Easy Your party will be stronger than most enemies you encounter.
Heroic Normal The strength of your party will be equal to most enemies in the game.
Mastermind Hard Enemies will be stronger than your party members throughout most of the game.

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