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Soul Calibur 6 – How Reversal Edge Works

by Bryan Dawson

One of the new mechanics in Soul Calibur 6 is Reversal Edge. Since this mechanic is so new, a lot of people have been asking how Reversal Edge works in Soul Calibur 6. Don’t worry, this advanced version of Rock, Paper, Scissors that is the Soul Calibur 6 Reversal Edge, won’t haunt you for long. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to explain how Reversal Edge works in Soul Calibur 6 so you know what options you have available to you once a Reversal Edge is initiated. So sit back and get ready to learn about the Soul Calibur 6 Reversal Edge.

How to Start a Reversal Edge

  • Hold R1 (PS4) or RB (Xbox)

To initiate a Reversal Edge, simply hold R1 on PlayStation 4 or RB on Xbox One. While you hold the button, your character enters a stance. While you’re in this stance your character will evade all normal attacks and throws. While there are some exceptions, for the most part, the only attacks a Reversal Edge  cannot evade are Break Attacks.

When you let go of the button (or enough time has passed), your character will transition from the Reversal Edge stance to the Reversal Edge attack. At this point your character is no longer able to evade attacks. If your opponent places a well-timed attack right as you let go of R1 or RB, you can be hit out of your Reversal Edge attack. You can also simply tap the button instead of holding it, which will initiate the attack without the special evasive stance.

If you charge a Reversal Edge completely, or evade at least one attack, the Reversal Edge attack becomes unblockable. That means your opponent can hold guard, but the Reversal Edge mini-game will still begin as soon as the Reversal Edge attack connects.

Reversal Edge Mini-Game Chart

Action Notation Wins Against Loses Against Clash With
Vertical Triangle / Y Horizontal Kick, Sidestep Vertical
Horizontal Square / X Kick Vertical, Advancing Evade Horizontal
Kick Circle / B Vertical Horizontal, Retreating Evade Kick
Guard X / A All Attacks Nothing Vertical
Advancing Evade Forward Horizontal Vertical, Kick Nothing
Retreating Evade Back Kick Horizontal, Vertical Nothing
Sidestep Up or Down Vertical Horizontal, Kicks Nothing

Note: This chart uses default controls.

Reversal Edge Mini-Game Basics

  • Vertical beats Horizontal
  • Horizontal beats Kick
  • Kick beats Vertical

At the surface, Reversal Edge is basically Rock, Paper, Scissors. Vertical beats Horizontal, Horizontal beats Kick, and Kick beats Vertical. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our controls article so you know what each button does. Now things can get more advanced, which we’ll cover below, but this is the basic idea behind Reversal Edge. Once the animation begins, simply press Horizontal, Vertical or Kick. If both players select the same option, a Clash occurs and you enter the second round of the Reversal Edge mini-game, which is almost exactly the same as the first part of the mini-game (check out the advanced tactics for more details).

Reversal Edge Mini-Game Guard Options

  • Guard avoids a Clash, but only during the first part of the mini-game.
  • If you Guard a Vertical Attack, you still go into the second part of the mini-game.
  • If your Guard Gauge is low, you can be guard broken.
  • You cannot use the Guard option during the second part of the mini-game.

If you hold Guard during the first part of the Reversal Edge mini-game, you will block all potential attack options. However, if the opponent opts for a Vertical Attack and you Guard, it will be treated like a Clash and you’ll enter a second round of the mini-game. You cannot use the Guard option during the second round of the Reversal Edge mini-game, and your guard can be broken if your Guard Gauge is too low at any point during the Reversal Edge mini-game.

Reversal Edge Mini-Game Advanced Tactics

  • Advancing Evade (Forward) avoids Horizontal Attacks
  • Retreating Evade (Back) avoids Kick Attacks
  • Sidestep (Up or Down) avoids Vertical Attacks

There are three advanced options you can use during the Reversal Edge mini-game. If you press Forward you will get the Advancing Evade, which avoids Horizontal Attacks. Press Back and you’ll get the Retreating Evade, which avoids Kick Attacks. Press Up or Down for a Sidestep and you’ll evade Vertical Attacks.

The catch with these advanced options is that you can’t Clash with anything, which means you can only evade one specific attack type or you lose completely. For example, if you use the Advancing Evade, it only evades Horizontal Attacks and loses to everything else. If the opponent uses a Kick or Vertical Attack, you will lose. However, if you had used a Vertical Attack instead, you’d still beat the Horizontal Attack, while also clashing with a Vertical Attack and going into the second round of Reversal Edge if the opponent simply blocked. You taking more of a risk with an advanced tactics, but the you can also get more damage if your guess right.

For more strategies and advice, including all of the controls for the game, be sure to check out our Soul Calibur 6 game hub!

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