Been cracking into some Destiny 2: Shadowkeep recently? The weapon grind game never gets old, especially not with the increasingly cool Gambit weapons that they keep putting out. If you need a hand, we've got you covered. Here's how to get your hands on the Sole Survivor Destiny 2 sniper rifle

Sole Survivor Destiny 2 Guide - How to Get This Gambit Weapon

If you're not quite sure why you're going to want this, well, every weapon in the game has some way that it can be adapted to absolutely blow off alien heads. The Sole Survivor, as we've mentioned, is a Sniper Rifle. It's gonna come with Snapshot Sights and Adaptive Frame, with the former allowing you to aim down the sights quicker. If you're lucky and the drop you get ends up with Firing Line, you'll be able to mow down people in your path while staying safe amongst allies. 

Now, the matter of actually getting the Gambit weapon. As you might have guessed, there's no long and ridiculously involved quest chain here. You really just have to play Gambit Prime or The Reckoning if you're wanting to pick this up. It's a completely random drop so you'll really be at the mercy of RNG when you're wanting to pick this up. There are no specific objectives that you need to complete to be eligible to get it outside of making sure that you're actually engaging in the right content, so this could either be a quick pick-up for a Gambit addict or a slow one. Either way, the only way forward is persistence. 

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