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Sniper Elite 4 – How to Take Down General Schmidt

by Josh Hawkins

In Sniper Elite 4, players take on the role of Karl Fairburne, an American sniper tasked with taking down high ranking officials in the German army during World War 2. The first mission, which leads players to San Celini Island, sees players targeting a German General, Tobias Schmidt, who currently leads German forces on the island. This article we’ll teach you the best way to take down General Schmidt in Sniper Elite 4.

Make Your Entry

One of the biggest additions to Sniper Elite is the ability to come at enemies your own way. The missions feature large areas to explore, as well as plenty of ways to take your enemies down. While there are a couple of other objectives in this mission, we’ll solely be focusing on how to locate and take down General Schmidt, your first real target in Sniper Elite 4.

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From the start of the mission make your way into the inner island. Here you’ll encounter several German Infantry as well as four Officers who can be located and killed. The easiest way to get to Schmidt is to make your way around the right-hand side of the island. You’ll run into several soldiers along the way, but going this way will allow you to use the tunnels and beaches to avoid much of the confrontation along the inner portions of the map.

There is also an Officer along the way that you can take out, but much of the time you should be able to sneak through areas, crawl around enemy patrols, or just distract them and run past. Follow the right side of the beach all the way around until it leads you to a stone tower. You can climb this tower to scout the village below, which will make it easy for you to spot enemy soldiers so that you can spot them with your binoculars.

Once you have the enemy’s marked, climb down the tower and continue along the edge of the map, sticking to the foliage where Karl can easily hide. There are plenty of patrols located in and around the village, but you should be able to sneak by relatively unseen. Once you are clear, make your way towards the Villa where General Schmidt awaits. Make sure you’re mindful of the patrols near the army tents.

Once at the Villa, clear the upstairs area of its soldier to avoid detection. Don’t just run into the house, though. Instead, move around the right hand side and climb down along the cliff to find a small area where you can sneak around. You can use this path to approach the front of the Villa house, where General Schmidt is most often found. Use the binoculars to mark your target, then wait for the airplanes to pass overhead and take him out. You can loot his body for a collectible, then you can focus on clearing the other objectives on the map.

That’s the easiest way to kill General Schmidt. Be sure to return to our Sniper Elite 4 guide to find more articles like this, which will help you complete the game, level up quickly, and even find every collectible.