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Smashy Road: Wanted Tips and Tricks

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to get a high score and more money in Smashy Road: Wanted, the free-to-play iOS and Android game everyone seems to be playing. The object is simple: avoid the cops as long as possible while causing mayhem. Over time the wanted level rises, resulting in more police on your tail. It’s the kind of game where one mistake may result in getting busted, but these tips will keep you on the run a bit longer. 

Destroy stuff to boost your score

The scoring system in Smashy Road is like a clock in the sense that for each second you survive, your score goes up one point.  However, you can raise this score exponentially by smashing into things like trees, light posts and fences, none of which slow your vehicle’s speed, unlike cars and trucks. If you manage to cause another vehicle to explode, though, all the better!

Tip: While it’s fun to fly off ramps, there’s a chance your vehicle will flip. If that happens, game over.

Fit through tight spaces 

When you grow accustomed to the controls, lose the cops by driving through narrow spaces; between buildings, for example. Most times the police won’t follow, which gives you a few precious seconds to drive around without any pressure.

Avoid unbreakable objects 

The converse is true with giant boulders, airplanes, buildings and pyramids. These things stop your vehicle in its tracks or slow you down considerably. Although your car or truck reverses automatically, all it takes is roughly a second to get busted.

Go off road 

No reason to stick to the road. Attempt to lose the police by going off road, where in most cases there’s room to maneuver. There’s also a good chance you’ll put some distance between you and the law, or discover a secret area. 

Tip: Don’t fall into the water. Otherwise it’s an instant death.

Vehicles handle differently 

There’s a huge difference between something like the Hovercraft and the Pickup Truck. To that end, some vehicles are easier to control than others, while select rides give you a distinct advantage, like a cash bonus or ability to plow through other cars without slowing down much. As you unlock new vehicles, find one that suits your skill level and play style, then stick with it.

Pick up money and watch videos for more cash

Unlike Crossy Road, there are no in-game missions in Smashy Road, so you’ll need to grind in order to earn lots of money.  Pick up dollars while avoiding the cops, and in between, watch 30-second videos whenever possible, since doing this results in 20 bucks per video. 

Tip: You need $100 to spin the wheel and win a new vehicle. 

Next, we’ll tell you how to get a high score in Shooty Skies!

Download Smashy Road for iOS and Android.

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