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Silent Hills PT: How to Find the Missing Picture Pieces

by Prima Games Staff

Hideo Kojima’s creepy Silent Hills PT demo contains plenty of scares, but also some tricky puzzles that may leave you scratching your head. First on the list? You’ll need to locate six missing pieces of a picture hanging on the wall near the digital clock, while at the same time avoiding a rather nasty ghost. 

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here is the location of each picture piece and some general tips to keep you alive. 

Silent Hills PT Tips 

  • You can’t look for pieces right away. For us, they appeared the fifth time through the hallway. 
  • You don’t need the flashlight to see the picture pieces. You can find each one with minimal light. 
  • To collect a piece, look at it and click the R3 button. Mysterious words will appear on the screen and then vanish. 
  • If you hear creepy music and heavy breathing, the ghost appeared. Focus on a particular object (the clock, radio, phone) and don’t move until the noise goes away. So long as you don’t look directly at her, she can’t hurt you. 

How to find the missing pieces in Silent Hills PT 

Here are the locations in no particular order. 

Piece 1: Approach the digital clock and stare down at the floor. You’ll see the picture piece on the ground to the left. 

Piece 2: Look at the tall plant to the right of the clock. The missing piece is on the floor, presumably hidden between two overlapping leaves.

Piece 3: Travel down the hallway and walk past the dresser with the phone towards the barred window. Look towards the ground to see a teddy bear. This piece is in the corner underneath the window. 

Piece 4: Now walk down the next section of hallway. After passing the bathroom door and the first horizontal ceiling beam, turn around and look up towards the left. The piece should be visible. 

Piece 5: Go down the stairs but don’t walk through the door. Reach the bottom of the stairs, turn around and look for the piece wedged on one the steps to the left. 

Piece 6: Pause Silent Hills PT by pressing the Options button, then click R3. The final piece is yours. 

Now that you have all of the pieces, look at the complete image of a woman. Press R3 to read this message:

My voice, can you hear it!

This sign, can you read it?

I’ll wait forever if you’ll just come to me.

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