Should you Use the 180 Degree Turn Command in CS2? – Answered

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Should You Use 180 Degree Console Command in CS2
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Counter-Strike 2 offers quite a lot of customization for your user experience. You can customize a lot of visual and technical matters within CS2, not limited to but including crosshair looks, view model position, HUD color, weapon loadout, jump-throw key binds, etc. A handful of players figured out the console command, allowing you to turn 180 degrees in the game. “Brilliant invention!” one would say, given that many CS2 players play the game with low mouse sensitivity, and instantly turning yourself around would be great when someone is attacking you from behind. But should you use the 180-degree turn console command and keybind in CS2? Let’s find out.

Is it Safe to Use the 180-Degree Turn Console Command and Keybind in Counter-Strike 2?

Using the 180-degree turn console command in CS2 is not safe nor recommended. At the moment of writing this article, there have been many reports by community members that claim that they earned themselves a Game Ban or a VAC Ban due to the usage of this command. If you got banned for this reason, refer to the below article for ways to contact Valve regarding the matter.

Perhaps the new VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) got trained to believe that instantly turning 180 degrees is not humanly possible with your mouse (at least, not without a natural move where you aggressively slide your mouse on your mouse pad) and detects this as what is referred to in the community as “Rage Hack” or “Spin Bot,” where the hacker erratically spins and headshots everything around them. There were also community reports on Reddit and other social media outlets that some players were only “pretending” to be a spin bot by emulating this hacker-like movement by rapidly shuffling their mouse around during freeze time to joke with their teammates.

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