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Shadow of War – How to Kill Captains

by Josh Hawkins

Players can now return to Middle-earth with the latest entry in the series, Shadow of War. Building off the mechanics introduced in the first game, players must infiltrate the armies of their enemies and take them down one commander at a time. One of the primary goals in the game will be to defeat Captains, which will allow you to collect high level gear, as well as weaken the enemy’s hold in a specific area. In this article we’ll show you some of the best ways to kill Captains in Shadow of War, allowing you to become stronger.

How to Kill Captains

Killing a Captain is not an easy process, and there isn’t a simple trick that you can pull off to one-shot any of them. In fact, each Captain has its own weaknesses, its own strengths, and even its own way of doing things. The best way to take on a Captain is to first gather intel on them. This can be done by interrogating specific enemies called Worms. We’ve already shown you—in depth—how to interrogate Worms, so be sure to check out that guide if you need a refresher.

Once you’ve gathered enough intel about a Captain, it’s time to mark them as your objective and make your way to high ground near them. This will allow you to look over the area and take advantage of any of the world items around you. Then you can formulate a plan that will let you take advantage of the Captain’s weaknesses.

For example, if the Captain you are currently going after is weak to fire, then you can make use of your bow and some fire arrows to ignite a fire pit near the Captain, catching him on fire. Or, if they are vulnerable to stealth, then you can simply attack the Captain from above, catching it off-guard. Then you can retreat back to the high ground before they can retaliate. Then repeat the process as you need to.

When you finally take down and kill a Captain, you’ll acquire some high-level gear, which you can equip to make your character more powerful. If, for some reason, a Captain manages to kill you, then you’ll be given a Vendetta mission, which will give Talion a brief amount of time in which he can take on the Captain once more. Don’t expect things to get any easier, though. In fact, taking down a Captain that has defeated Talion will actually be harder, as they become stronger with every kill they earn on you.

That’s really all there is to know about killing Captains. Make the most of their weaknesses, and be sure to collect intel on them before you dive in and start attacking them. We’ll have more Shadow of War content coming in the next few days, so check back often, and be sure to head over to our Middle-Earth: Shadow of War guide for more help.

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