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Shadow of War – How to Fast Travel

by Josh Hawkins

Middle-Earth is a big place, and as you travel throughout the open world in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, you’re going to find yourself doing quite a bit of legging it. While it is possible to get a mount later in the game—we’ll cover that later on—another great way to move around the map quickly is to fast travel. If you want to unlock the option to fast travel, though, you’re going to have to do a little bit of work. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to unlock the option of fast travel in Shadow of War, and even a quick rundown on how to use it.

How to Fast Travel

Fast traveling in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will require you to unlock special towers call Haedirs. These places can be found on the map, however, once found, you’ll need to purify them. Not only do these towers help you find all the collectibles in the game, but they will also unlock the ability to fast travel once you have purified them. Once purified, you can then use the Haedir to fast travel between locations.

You’ll also have the option to fast travel to some locations near mission locations. They are pretty rare to find, though, but once you spot one, you can fast travel to it to remove the need of walking. You’ll also be forced to fast travel to some locations later in the game—like new regions for example—that you can’t reach while walking. Sometimes these locations are great, as they put you close to other places. However, they don’t really give you the best access to new areas, so make sure you’re using your unlocked Haedirs for it.

Fast traveling is handy for more than just getting around fast, though. It also allows you to replenish your Elf-Shot and Health really quickly, which can be useful if you find yourself in a very tight spot while taking enemies out. While there are different types of bows in the game, you’ll need Elf-Shot to make use of them all, and it also provides a great way to move around the battlefield and gain the advantage when taking on several enemies all at once.

You should now know everything you need to unlock Haedirs and start making use of the fast travel system in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. For more help in the game, make sure you head back over to our Shadow of War walkthrough and guide for even more helpful and in-depth guides to assist you on your journey to turn Sauron’s forces against him.

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