There have been plenty of players enjoying the fascinating universe contained within Obsidian's new RPG blockbuster of The Outer Worlds. This particular title has an impressive array of quests players can tackle and complete. One of these quests is The Secret People quest. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about The Secret People quest covered for you to make sure you are successful when you dive into its story. 

The Secret People The Outer Worlds

Players will gain access to The Secret People quest in The Outer Worlds when they speak with Velma Ballard at the Stellar Bay, Monarch warehouse. She will ask you to help find someone by the name of Braxton. You will then need to head to the southern area of Stellar Bay and go to the second floor of the apartments for the next part of The Secret People quest. This area is where you will meet Laura. She will tell you that Braxton is delivering to a sick family in the ruins that can be found south of town. 

The next part of The Secret People quest will have you make your way to a bride south of Monarch. Players will soon notice a house with an assortment of lovely plants on its front porch. This house is home to the Mather family. Head inside, and you will meet members of the family that include Edgar, Levi, Martha, and Lizzie. Head to the third floor and unlock the locked door with the Mather House Key that can be pickpocketed or looted from Edgar. Unfortunately for Braxton, you will find his headless corpse behind the locked door of The Secret People quest in The Outer Worlds. 

The Secret People The Outer Worlds

You can then head downstairs, where Edgar will confront you for knowing the truth about Braxton. Players can lie and resolve the conflict without any violence. However, you also can initiate combat and eliminate the Mather family. There is also the 2F door you can unlock and use to avoid speaking with Edgar when leaving the house. 

Finally, all that is needed for you to complete The Secret People quest in The Outer Worlds is to bring the work ID you looted from Braxton's body back to Velma in Stellar Bay, Monarch. 

We here at Prima Games wish you the best of luck in your quest to complete The Secret People quest in The Outer Worlds. Are you looking for more coverage of Obsidian's newest RPG? Check out our dedicated hub for the famous title or the three recent pieces of coverage we wrote about the fan-favorite game below:

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