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How to Get Season of the Worthy Artifact Warmind Khanjali

by Nicholas Barth

The Season of the Worthy has officially arrived in Destiny 2. This new period of seasonal content has brought an artifact for Guardians to earn and use to improve their power even further. Warmind Khanjali is the name of this powerful item, and players can obtain it pretty quickly in the early moments of the Season of the Worthy. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get the Warmind Khanjali covered for you. 

Season of the Worthy Artifact Warmind Khanjali

Guardians will obtain this item through the Raising Our Defenses quest, which you can pick up by heading to the Tower and speaking with Zavala. He will direct you to go to Mars and speak with Ana Bray. Once you have spoken to Ana Bray, she will task you with collecting 20 orbs of light and generating eight orbs of light, which will allow you to then meet with Rasputin who possesses the artifact. 

 Season of the Worthy Artifact Warmind Khanjali

After you have completed this part, you will then need to begin the Into the Mindlab activity near Ana Bray. Follow where the quest marker directs you, which will eventually lead you to Rasputin, who will present the Warmind Khanjali artifact to you. Finish up the rest of this quest, and the Warmind Khanjali artifact will officially be yours for the rest of your adventures for this new period of content. 

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