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Sea of Thieves: How To Get The Spinal Figurehead

by John Cooper

If you want the Spinal Figurehead to lead you into each and every battle then you’re going to need to do a couple of things. The figurehead is a Killer Instinct-inspired cosmetic that makes it look like you got very annoyed with a crew member and glued them to the front of the ship. Then, as the years went on, you stopped feeding them. Well, it also puts the fear of fighting games into your foes so it is worth getting. Also, you can only unlock this until May 12, so you best get a wriggle on. 

How To Unlock The Spinal Figurehead

First things first, you’re going to need to sign into Mixer with the same account that you use for Sea of Thieves. If you don’t have one, make sure to sign up and use that email address. 

To actually get the Figurehead you need to watch ten Arena Matches of Sea of Thieves. So, go to Mixer and log in. Then select games and search for Sea of Thieves, check out the official Sea of Thieves channel and just watch 10 Arena matches. 

Again, make sure you are signed in with the account linked to your Sea of Thieves account or you won’t get the Figurehead.

The official Rare channel often has streamers on it playing these matches so it is worth keeping an eye on that channel. You need to watch from start to finish for it to count, so make sure you do so. 

Once you have watched it you can get your code by going to your Mixer profile, selecting My Loot, and clicking on the CLAIM CODE button next to the Spinal Figurehead. Then just go to the Microsoft or Xbox store and redeem that code. 

Voila, you have one skeleton boi for the front of your ship. 

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