Season 4 has brought an array of new content for players to enjoy in the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Some new pieces of the content consisted of weapons that players will be able to unlock and add to their collections for future battles. One of the new weapons that are coming in Season 4 is the Rytec AMR sniper rifle. Fortunately, we have all of the currently known information about how to acquire the Rytec AMR sniper rifle in Modern Warfare and Warzone. 

Rytec AMR Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

Players will recognize the Rytec AMR as the Barret .50 caliber sniper rifle that has been a staple in the iconic first-person shooter franchise for multiple games. This powerful sniper rifle is known for its ability to take down enemies and vehicles without much trouble which means that the Rytec AMR will be a popular pick among players when they unlock it.

Infinity Ward has officially added the challenge that players can complete to add this sniper rifle to their inventory. Players who would like to have this formidable weapon will need to either buy the blueprint that is currently in the store which will automatically unlock the Rytech AMR for use. Individuals can also unlock it by getting 3 quick scope kills with a sniper rifle or marksman rifle in 15 different matches. 

 rytec amr call of duty modern warfare warzone

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We will update this piece with the details on how players can obtain this weapon when it is added into the title when they are announced. It is likely that it will be a specific challenge that players will find in the sniper rifle section of the weapon menu where they must complete a certain amount of activities to unlock this sniper rifle like killing enemies in a specific manner.

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