RuneScape: All Christmas Activities in 2023 Listed

Santa Claus is coming to town.
RuneScape Christmas Village Image 2023
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Time doesn’t stop, and it is almost the festive season once again. Jagex has implemented a range of Christmas activities this year in RuneScape so that you can feel just as festive in Gielinor as you do in real life. Equip your party hat and join in on the fun.

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Every 2023 Christmas Activity in RuneScape

RuneScape players are known for adoring the holiday events held throughout the year. With the Halloween event falling flat, it seems like Jagex is looking to step it up with the range of holiday fun players can experience this Christmas.

The Seasonal Quest ‘It’s Snow Bother’

A new holiday event brings with it a new seasonal quest. The name alone brings some hope that the quest may bring some of that lately often-forgotten RuneScape holiday event charm. This event is new in 2023 but is confirmed to return every year going forth. Players will have to help decorate Lumbridge, Falador, Varrock, and Fort Forinthry. Once the different towns are looking exceedingly festive, it’ll be time to hand out Christmas presents to certain NPC. You won’t be alone though, as Snow Imps will be helping you.

For completing the ‘It’s Snow Bother’ you will receive the following rewards.

It’s Snow Bother• Santa’s Little Helper Outfit
• Winter Scarf
• Winter Hat
• A Christmas override for Fort Forinthry
• 2000 Christmas Spirit
• 3 Experience granting lamps
• Once daily present delivery activity
• Present wrapping activity
Information via Jagex

All Festive Activities

There’s a range of fun festive activities this year that you can indulge in, so that both you and your in-game Christmas Spirit will increase.

Decoration Making

After completing the It’s Snow Bother quest, you will be able to create festive Christmas decorations. In return you will gain Crafting XP and Christmas Spirit. All you have to do is take the unfinished decorations out of one chest, finish them, and deposit them into the next chest. Just a little bit of honest work.

Ice Fishing

What spectacularly decorated fishing rods! If they don’t get you into the holiday spirit. Perhaps catching frozen bass, salmon, and trout will. Simply catch these fish popsicles and place them in the barrel to earn Fishing XP and Christmas Spirit.

Snowball Crafting

I’m not sure if it’s logical that the biggest pile of snow will be next to the oven. But it matters not, as that is exactly where you will find it. Interact with the pile of snow to craft snowballs. You’ll receive Crafting XP and Christmas Spirit for doing so. Smokey the Coal will overheat in the oven every so often and need to be annihilated with snowballs to cool down. Use the snowballs that you have created to do this and receive even more Christmas Spirit.

Catching Snow Implings

You’ll find Snow Implings not only in the Christmas Village but also in the world at large. All they want is a break from their hard labor, but it’s up to you to bring them back to work. Nothing feels as Christmassy as overtime. Catching them will reward you with Hunter XP, Christmas Spirit, and potentially festive-themed food, and coal.

Gifting Presents

Once a day, players can rummage through Santa’s sack and collect a special present to give to some familiar RuneScape faces. Gifting these presents will reward players with Christmas Spirit.

Santa’s Coming to Town

SANTA! I know him! Every Sunday during the event, Santa will arrive at the Christmas Village at 8 PM until 10 PM RuneScape time. You’ll have these two hours to come visit him, tell him what you want for Christmas, get your awkward Santa snap, and collect a free weekly gift.


There will be a timer at Santa’s location that will count down from thirty minutes prior to his arrival.

Letters for Santa

You must visit the Wintumber Postbox and post three Letters for Santa every single day. Each three letters posted is worth one Nice Point. You will be able to obtain these Letters for Santa in the following ways.

  • Talk to Clementine outside the location where Santa visits.
  • Completing all Daily Challenges.
  • RNG whilst participating in the above activities.

The Christmas Spirit Shop will sell you a Letter to Santa for 400 Christmas Spirit if you have missed one.

Secret Santa

Visit the Igloo in the area and have a chat with someone apparently called ‘Not-So-Secret-Santa’. Here, you can donate items and GP to the prize pool for the world that you are on. Anything that you can sell on the Grand Exchange, other than Bonds, you can donate. Every two hours, you can also draw out a prize for yourself. How exciting!

The Giant Present

It’s too early to say what is inside this giant gift box. But, from December 25th, until January 4th, you will be open to rip it open and find out what is inside of it.

Black Party Hat

The biggest and most exciting element of the RuneScape Christmas event in 2023. RuneScape is finally getting a new party hat. The last time a Christmas event gave out a Party Hat was back in 2001, and they’ve been a sign of significant wealth ever since. Obtaining one won’t be easy, though. It’s one of the gifts that you can obtain from Santa when he visits daily. It’s another uber-rare item, but at least there’s no grind this time.

Christmas Village

All of these events will start, and the majority will take place in the new Christmas Village. It’s the most festive, bustling, and chilly place to be. You can make your way there using the following two methods.

  1. Burthorpe Event Area portal
  2. Temporary Lodestone teleport on the World Map

The Christmas season in RuneScape is shaping up to be quite a fun event. With plenty to do, including additional activities beyond the above such as Wrapping Paper Event, Advent Calendar, Weekly Buffs, and plenty of rewards, too, there’s something for everyone this holiday season.

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