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Rumble in the Jungle Borderlands 3 Guide – Side Quest Walkthrough

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying your time in Borderlands 3, then you might want to consider cracking along in things that aren’t just the main story missions or bounty hunts involving misshapen animals. Well, okay, we can’t guarantee that the side quests don’t also involve misshapen animals. Check out our Rumble in the Jungle Borderlands 3 guide to find out more about how to complete this undertaking.

Rumble in the Jungle Borderlands 3 Guide – Side Quest Walkthrough

First things first, if you want to pick up this side quest then you’re first going to have to have completed the main mission called The Family Jewel. This comes along fairly late in the course of the game, and you’re going to want to be sitting comfortable at around Level 30 to make the most of this experience. 

You’ll be able to pick up Rumble in the Jungle from a dead body that you find in the Voracious Canopy. Yes, that’s right. A dead body. It’ll be partway up the map, if you take a right from the zone exit until you hit a fork in the road, you should be close enough to pick up the quest. Once it’s on your list of things to do, you’re going to be wanting to run through the following objectives:

  • Visit the scientific outpost – you’ll have your way in the canopy blocked by a gate, but this will explode and let you pass
  • Clear the Jabber infestations – there are three spots in the Experimental Forest that will require you to take care of some errant jabbers. Just follow the waypoints.
  • Find clues – you’ll have to find ratchlings and put them down. They’re often going to be clustered around the clues that you have to look for. You want to make sure you interact with a music box and three Scientist Journals.
  • Find Failurebot – this unfortunately named robot is pretty easy to find as long as you follow quest directions. Break the lock on the prison trapping this robot and follow it.
  • Find the Scientist – just keep following Failurebot and it’ll eventually lead you to a scientist and an Echo. 
  • Complete the three Trials – once you pick up the scientist’s echo and head to the next waypoint, you’ll be confronted by an angry tribe of jabbers who will want you to complete three trials. Two of these will be by combat, and another will just involve not jumping off a cliff. Speak to the King once they’ve concluded and you’ll get an Echo.
  • Find the Secret Lab and investigate the bunker – Once you have this Echo, you’ll be asked to investigate a secret lab which will result in finding a bunker and a nasty surprise – a Scaleon hivemind. This will give you a bunch of enemies to defeat.
  • Fight the Scaleon Queen and the Jabber King – the Scaleon hivemind will ask you to challenge it, at which point you’re going to have to go to the Terradome to fight both the Jabber King and iOsaur, said Scaleon Queen. Kill them both to be free of this quest.

Once you’ve completed the Rumble in the Jungle Borderlands 3 side quest, you’ll be able to pick up a handy $7200 and about as much EXP. Need a hand with anything else to do with Vault Hunting? We’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeve that you can refer to:

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