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Rules of Survival – Best Places to Find a Gun

by Josh Hawkins

Every corner can lead to death in games like Rules of Survival, and if you aren’t properly equipped to take on your enemies, you’re going to find yourself out quicker than most. To help you get equipped and ready to face down those who would take you out, we’ve put together a handy article that will go over several of the best places to find a gun in Rules of Survival.

Keep in mind, these are places that we’ve had a lot of luck finding guns during our time with the game. We’ve played quite a few matches in Rules of Survival, and as with anything that features a loot table, these drops are never guaranteed, and while your results may vary, these places have proven to be good starting areas for us.

Best Places to Find a Gun

The nice thing about Rules of Survival is that it isn’t hard to find a weapon, however, if you want to find the best guns in the game, and be well equipped to handle your enemy’s firepower, then you’re going to need to know some good places to start. There are quite a few different areas that you can land in Rules of Survival, but knowing the best to look for guns in will make a huge difference in your early game time.

Bitter Lake

As the largest area on the map, and with plenty of buildings for players to search through, Bitter Lake makes up a large portion of the center of the map in Rules of Survival. It’s also one of the busiest places on the map—for good reason. We’ve managed to get our hands-on things like SMGs and Assault Rifles quite a bit when parachuting into this area. Just make sure you hit the ground as fast as possible or you might find yourself staring down the barrel of a gun.

Training Base

This training area located just northeast of Bitter Lake is also a great place to find guns, and we’ve come across multiple weapons in this area during our time with Rules of Survival. It’s also quite easy to find a vehicle in this area. The biggest issue with this area is how close it is to Bitter Lake, and the fact that many players like to drop in here, due to the area’s high loot table. If you want a quick chance at earning a few kills, or if you can grab a gun and get out quickly, the Training Base is a great place to drop in.

Rust Bay

The final place we’ll suggest players look for a gun is Rust Bay. This area has proven to be one of our best spawns, as it often has quite a few weapons, as well as equipment items like helmets and backpacks. It’s also very popular with the game’s audience, so you’ll find quite a bit of combat experience in this area. Just be careful, watch your corners, and grab a weapon as soon as you can, or you might end up dead.

You can find a gun just about anywhere in Rules of Survival, but the three areas we’ve mentioned above have proven to be some of the best places that we’ve discovered during our time with the game. For more help make sure you check out our guide on the best places to start out, as well as our guide on how to win.

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