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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Best Class

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re into hardcore military shooters, then chances are you’ve already picked up Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The latest iteration of the popular realistic military series takes players to Vietnam, where they’ll have to survive the dangerous jungles of Vietnam while taking down their foes. Unlike other first person shooter games, the class system here is more limited, and in this article we’ll talk about the best class in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, as well as how to determine which class best fits your playstyle.

Which Class is Best?

Before you can really start to dive into which class is the best, let’s take a brief look at what each class offers. Now, since Rising Storm 2: Vietnam takes place in Vietnam, players will have the option to play as both the United States and the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN). Since there are two distinctively different teams available, players will find different weapons available in each class for each team. These means the best class on one side may not be your best class on the other side.

Here is a full list of the classes available on each team, and what they are used for.

  • Grunt/Rifleman – everyday assault man
  • Pointman/Scout – close quarters combat specialist
  • Machine Gunner – Provides covering fire and suppresses enemies for other squad members to move up
  • Marksman/Sniper – overwatch, take down long distance targets
  • Combat Engineer/Sapper – explosives/flamethrower/destroy spawn tunnels
  • Grenadier/RPG – Uses grenade-based weapons and RPGs to inflict damage on the enemy.
  • Radioman – works in conjunction with the Commander to act as a “moving radio” to allow more versatile support calls.
  • Commander – leads the team and calls in support like Napalm, Artillery, etc.

Now that you know a little more about the classes, let’s talk about which class is going to be the best for different players. The Grunt or Rifleman is what you’re going to play the most. As the only class with an unlimited amount of slots (many classes only allow 2-4 people per class on each team), the Grunt/Rifleman class is going to be your best bet.

The great thing about this class, though, is that it is well rounded, and offers the easiest to understand experience. Classes like the Radioman or the Commander require much more attention to detail than the Grunt/Rifleman, and they’ll require you to be very communicative with your team.

Basically, the way that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s class system is setup, the Grunt/Rifleman is the best all-around class. It allows you to simply head into the game, without having to worry about what the rest of your squad is doing. If you’re looking for more squad play, though, and you want to be a more important part of the team, then definitely try out one of the other available classes to see which one best fits your chosen playstyle. But, if you’re just looking to experience the realistic fast-paced gameplay included in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, then the Grunt/Rifleman class is going to be your best bet.

Josh Hawkins

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