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Red Dead Redemption Tips for Xbox One

by Prima Games Staff

The time has come – Rockstar Games’ 2010 Western epic, Red Dead Redemption, is available as part of the Xbox One’s backwards compatible program. With it, you’ll be able to make your way through a number of towns, explore the outreaches of the desert and use your six-shooter to dispense justice.

If you’re about to play RDR for the first time, use these Red Dead Redemption tips to survive the Old West.

Challenges in Red Dead Redemption

While the main storyline focusing on hero John Marston has a lot to offer, that doesn’t mean you should always stick to the plot. In fact, the West has a lot to offer if you’re willing to explore, including a number of challenges.

These are broken down into four different categories – Hunting, Sharpshooting, Survivalist and Treasure Hunting, depending on what you’re in the mood for. These Challenges are small at first, but as you continue completing them (no matter which category you prefer), you’ll open up newer ones and continue earning money to buy new items for Marston in Red Dead Redemption.

Your best bet is with Hunting, as this will enable you to capture wild game, even though some of the quicker animals can be a bit difficult. However, don’t hesitate on the other activities as well, especially Sharpshooting, which will teach you a thing or two about being a quick shot – something that’ll serve you well when facing off against adversaries in shootouts or ambushes. Look for these Challenges on your main map in Red Dead Redemption, and be sure to take ’em on!

Side Quests in Red Dead Redemption

Besides the challenges, there are other activities available in the game that will net Marston a great deal of cash, along with a few other things, like new weapons. These come in the form of two different types of events – Bounties and Strangers.

These pop up occasionally on your map, and they won’t wait for you forever, so if you see one, go ahead and make your way out there. Bounties require you to hunt down particular targets that can be a challenge, while Strangers will ask for favors that will provide a reward once completed, and you’ll find plenty of them in Red Dead Redemption.

Like the Challenges, these provide opportunities for you to get more experience with Marston, and put some cash in your pocket. Go ahead and check them out when you get a chance.

There are other activities as well in Red Dead Redemption, including building camps (which help you save your game and set up fast-travel points), taking on Gang Hideout Assaults (and helping out the sheriff and other law enforcement), and even smaller things, like tying someone to the train tracks and watching them get run over. Ouch!

Take Care of Your Horse in Red Dead Redemption

You’ll want to make sure you buy some new gear for Marston whenever you get the chance. While his default six-shooter is useful in the early going, you’ll really want to buy more weapons, including throwing knives, rifles, shotguns and marksman rifles.

If you’re a long-range shooter, the rifle or marksman rifle is the way to go, as you’ll have utmost accuracy when hitting someone from a distance. However, the shotgun is a highly preferred weapon, as you can wipe out someone with a well-timed blast, and easily make a difference when you end up in a shootout scenario. The trick is getting close enough to hit them, since its range isn’t nearly as good as the marksman is in Red Dead Redemption.

The throwing knives may sound basic compared to the heavily powered weapons, but you’ll be thanking yourself for picking a few up as you run low on ammunition. Aiming and throwing is easy, and provided your target isn’t moving around too much, you’ll be able to hit them well enough to bring them down.

It never hurts to have a good lasso. You can take down a target that’s on the run by using one of these, although you’ll want to make sure you aren’t leaving yourself wide open for an attack from one of their associates. Use this when pursuing someone.

Finally, don’t forget to take care of your horse. He’s going to be the main reason you can get around from town to town so quickly (despite unlocking fast travel points), and if you buck him too hard, he’ll throw you off. There are different horses you can capture – over 20 in all – but the more you care for each one, the better they’ll take care of you. They’ll also have better speed and strength, allowing you to keep up with enemies you’re chasing after, or getting out of situations like being outnumbered in a gunfight. Treat these animals with care.

This is easily one of the previous generation’s best games, so revisiting this Rockstar Games favorite will definitely do you some good. Get out there and enjoy the old West with these Red Dead Redemption tips.

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