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Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Get Leather Working Tools

by Larryn Bell

Upgrading your camp site in Red Dead Redemption 2 comes with added perks and benefits that can improve your quality of life out on the countryside. One of the ways that players can upgrade the camp is by obtaining Leather Working Tools for Pearson, which will allow him to make you a new Satchel as well as open up additional crafting options.

How to Get Leather Working Tools

Leather Working Tools become available for purchase within the Ledger at the camp after reaching the Horseshoe Overlook campsite in Red Dead Redemption. In order to get the Leather Working Tools upgrade, players must first complete a series of tasks for Leopold Strauss, who manages the bookkeeping for Dutch’s debt collection business.

After finishing the game’s prologue, continue through the story until the gang makes camp at the Horseshoe Overlook campsite. You must then complete the first few story missions in Chapter 2. Next, head over to the west side of camp and talk to Herr Strauss to complete a debt collection mission for him called Money Lending and Other Sins. The quest involves tracking down folks who owe the gang money.

Leather Working Tools Camp Upgrade Red Dead Redemption 2

Upon collecting the debts for Strauss, return to camp and add the mission earnings to the contributions box. The contribution will be noted in the camp Ledger, which is found behind Dutch’s tent. The Leather Working Tools should now be available for purchase as an upgrade on the last page of the book. 

The Leather Working Tools camp upgrade costs $225, which is deducted from the camp’s total earnings.  Unlocking this upgrade will grant access to new crafting options for Satchels and other items at the camp. Visit Pearson after purchasing the upgrade to see what new crafting services he’s offering. 

There are plenty of other noteworthy camp upgrades that can be purchased as well, so be sure to check the Ledger regularly to ensure the Van der Linde camp has everything it needs. Check out our other Red Dead Redemption 2 guides for more tips and tutorials.

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