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Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Find the Trapper

by Josh Hawkins

The Trapper is a character that you’ll hear about quite a bit in Red Dead Redemption 2, especially as you dive deeper into the story and the quests found throughout the world. As you play, you’re probably going to end up asking yourself who exactly is the Trapper and how do you find him? This article will teach you everything you need to know about this mysterious vendor, as well as show you how to find the Trapper with ease.

How to Find the Trapper

Before you can meet the Trapper, you’re going to need to play through the game quite a bit. This character is a vendor that you’ll eventually meet along your journey, so there shouldn’t be a rush to get ahead and find him as you probably won’t have the items you need to make use of him in the first place. Instead, just focus on progressing the story, completing side quests and exploring the world.

When it’s time for you to meet the Trapper, you’ll be able to find him at one of the locations listed below. Once you find a Trapper location, an icon resembling an animal’s paw will be placed on the map, easily distinguishing where you need to go.

Riggs Station

Look for another Trapper location on the way to Riggs Station, on the northwest side of Flat Iron Lake, north of Blackwater in the central part of the map.

Elysian Pool

If you’re hunting legendary beavers along the Kamassa River west of Van Horn Trading Post, you can stop by the Trapper located just west of the Elysian Pool. Search the open area to the southwest of the city of Annesburg in New Hanover to find this Trapper.

Big Valley

On the far west side of the map in West Elizabeth, you’ll find a Trapper located on the west end of Big Valley, northwest of the town of Strawberry and Lake Owanjila.

Saint Denis

To find another Trapper location on the east side of the map, head over to Saint Denis, which is located in Lemoyne. While looking at the map, check out the location where the words ‘Saint Denis’ are marked. The Trapper’s location can be found along the bottom half of the ‘S’ in Denis.

Manzanita Post

There is one more Trapper location just a short ride southwest of Manzanita Post in West Elizabeth. Look for this Trapper along the Lower Montana River leading southeast from Aurora Basin.

What is the Trapper?

The Trapper is a special vendor that can craft customized items for Arthur Morgan. In order to purchase these items you will need to bring the Trapper the right set of ingredients for the job. On top of just selling custom items to you, the Trapper is also where you’ll find unlocked custom pieces that you are rewarded with when you complete challenges. While these pieces might not seem that important at the start, the additional bonuses that you receive when wearing them or using them can help out along the way.

Finally, another thing that makes the Trapper’s role so important is the fact that he sells hunting supplies, which are going to be very useful as you make your way through the wilds of the world that Rockstar Games has created.

Now that you know how to find the Trapper, make sure you learn how to fight as well as how to craft poison arrows. You can also check out the other walkthrough content in our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for more help.

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