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Realm Royale Tips and Tricks

by Larryn Bell

Realm Royale has been gaining popularity lately as an alternative battle royale title containing RPG-like mechanics and progression. If you are new to Realm Royale and need some help getting the hang of all the different elements in the game, then these tips and tricks may be for you. This guide will cover several Realm Royale tips for players looking to improve their game and eventually achieve victory.

Realm Royale Tips and Tricks

Choose Your Class Carefully

Before the start of each match in Realm Royale, players must choose which class they want to play as for the round. You are given five classes to choose from: Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage, and Hunter. 

Each class can equip specific abilities that are found in chests throughout the map. Some classes have defensive or escape abilities, while others have abilities that are more damage-focused for players who want to be aggressive. Review the abilities available for each class in our guide on all classes and abilities in Realm Royale so that you know which class best suits your preferred play style.

Pick a Good Landing Spot

Like other battle royale games, one of the first things you do at the start of a match in Realm Royale is choose where you want to land. You’ll have an idea of where the first storm circle will spawn, so try to land somewhere that is a bit further away so that you can loot more buildings on your trek toward the circle.

If you land near opponents, you can either run away on horseback and try to find somewhere that’s less populated, or if you’re brave, you can try to fight them head on with your dagger. The latter approach can sometimes prove beneficial, especially if you catch an enemy off guard and can take their loot.

Land Near Doors or Entryways

Once you hit the ground, you don’t want to waste too much time running toward a building. You’ll need to start looting as quickly as possible, especially if you suspect other players landed nearby. It’s best to try to aim for the entryway of a building as you’re falling from the plane, so that you can quickly run into the building and begin opening chests. The faster you loot a building, the sooner you can move on to the next and quickly equip the items you need.

Always Disenchant Unwanted Items

An important part of progression in Realm Royale is disenchanting unwanted weapons or abilities. Disenchanting allows players to obtain Shards that are used to craft items at the Forge, which you will definitely want to do if you want better potions, abilities, or weapons.

Rarer items will yield more Shards, and players can collect up to 200 Shards max. Never leave behind unwanted items if you are able to disenchant them instead.

Visit the Forge ASAP

As we mentioned, the Forge is where you can go to craft rare potions and legendary armor, abilities, and weapons. You’ll need to accumulate enough Shards by disenchanting items along the way, but once you have enough to craft something, you’ll want to visit the nearest Forge to start making the items, as this can take some time. Your opponents will be doing the same thing, so it’s important to start forging better items as soon as possible to improve your chances of surviving to late game. 

Watch for Smoke

Speaking of the Forge, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Forges that have smoke billowing out from the top of their chimney. This signals that there is someone currently crafting something at the Forge, and that they are likely sitting somewhere inside the building. This can be a great way to ambush opponents, but just be sure to do approach with caution. Keep this in mind when you are forging items as well, since you may be the one who becomes the target.

Don’t Forget About Your Horse

Realm Royale differs from other battle royale games in that it allows players to mount up on horseback as a means of traversal. To mount your horse, simply press Z on your keyboard. Note that getting shot or performing an action like opening a chest or aiming down sights will cause you to instantly dismount.

Master the Chicken Run

When an opponent guns you down in Realm Royale, you initially transform into a chicken. If you survive as a chicken long enough without getting killed, you will be resurrected again and turn back into your hero. As soon as you turn into a chicken, run away and try to stay safe long enough for you to return to the fight and help your teammates.

You may have noticed that some of the windows in buildings are too small to jump through. That’s because they are made specifically for chickens to fit through and escape. If you become a chicken near a window, hop through to try to lose your opponent. They’ll have to take the long way to try to chase you, and that could be just the amount of time you need to resurrect and get back into the fight.

Be mindful of these tips while playing Realm Royale, and you should be able to improve your skills and have better chances for survival. Check out our other Realm Royale coverage on our Realm Royale guide page.

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