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Realm Royale – How to Craft Items at the Forge

by Larryn Bell

Realm Royale, the latest contribution to the battle royale genre from Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios, has recently released into Steam Early Access. Realm Royale tweaks the standard battle royale formula by incorporating RPG elements into the game, such as character classes and item crafting. Since the game is still in the early stages of development, players may not be aware of how to use the forge or how crafting works in the game. We’ve put together this guide to explain how crafting works in Realm Royale to help new players learn how to use the forge to get legendary weapons, armor, potions, and abilities.

How to Use the Forge in Realm Royale

Like most battle royale games, Realm Royale features a looting mechanic that involves scavenging for items throughout the map. At the start of each match, players must search chests to obtain weapons, armor, potions, and abilities for their character. Along with items found in chests, players can also craft legendary items by visiting one of the nearby Forge locations, which are indicated by a yellow anvil icon on the map.

Realm Royale how to craft items

Disenchanting Items and Collecting Shards

Crafting legendary items at a Forge requires Shards, which are a type of temporary currency that players gather during each Realm Royale match. Once you have collected a decent amount of Shards, you can take them to the nearest Forge to craft a new item. Note that you can only carry a maximum of 200 Shards at a time.

To get Shards, players must “Disenchant” unwanted items while looting. As you come across an item that you don’t want, look at the item while it is on the ground and press the Disenchant button indicated on the item details. This will break down the item into Shards, so make sure you don’t want to use the item before disenchanting it.

How to Craft Items at the Forge

Once you have a handful of Shards, visit a building with a Forge and locate the forge inside. Stand in the yellow ring and interact with the Forge to bring up the crafting menu. 

How to craft weapons and armor at the Forge in Realm Royale.

On the Forge menu, you will see all of the legendary items available for you to create, along with their Shard cost. You can craft legendary potions, armor, abilities, and weapons depending on how many Shards you have accumulated.

Each item requires a certain amount of time to craft. While the item is being forged, it will appear with a timer in front of the Forge and cannot be picked up until it is finished. Here are the current Shard costs and wait times for each legendary item in Realm Royale:

Forge Item Types Shard Cost Time to Forge
Health & Armor Potions 30 Shards 30 Seconds
Legendary Armor 60 Shards 60 Seconds 
Class Ability 90 Shards 60 Seconds 
Class Weapon 120 Shards and 1 Chicken Drumstick 60 Seconds 

Forging Tips

Here are a few points to keep in mind when using the Forge in Realm Royale:

  • Legendary armor is random. This means you don’t get to choose which piece of armor gets crafted. Check to see if an ally can use an item before Disenchanting it.
  • One legendary at a time. Each class has a specific legendary weapon it can craft, and only one legendary weapon can be equipped at a time. You also can only craft one armor piece per Forge location.
  • Mind the smoke. While crafting an item in the Forge, smoke stacks will billow from the top of the building. This is visible to other players, signaling them to your location, and you to theirs. 
  • Stay alert. Forges are popular locations in Realm Royale. Don’t stand idle while your item is being forged. Keep your eyes on the main entryways and always be ready to fight in case someone tries to ambush you at the forge. 
  • Don’t leave items behind. All items can be disenchanted into Shards, even those crafted at the Forge. 

That’s really all there is to getting your hands on legendary armor, weapons, and items in Realm Royale. Be sure to disenchant items to collect Shards as you make your way through the map so that you can craft better items for your arsenal. Check out our other Realm Royale coverage for more tips and tricks.

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