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Rare Chest Event Borderlands 3 – Twitch and SHIFT Bonuses

by Ginny Woo

If you’re at all interested in this week’s Mayhem on Twitch event in Borderlands 3, then you’ve probably already browsed our guide and noted the increase in Anointed Gear drop chances, as well as the Mayhem Mode tweaks. However, there’s another element to this ten-anniversary party. Yes, as the name suggests, we’re talking Twitch-related goodies. Here’s what we’ve gathered about the rare chest event in Borderlands 3 and how you can get some sweet loot.

Rare Chest Event Borderlands 3 – Twitch and SHIFT Bonuses

On to the basics. Just a quick recap of what you’re going to be able to get from the Mayhem on Twitch event, so long as you’re looting and shooting on the titular Mayhem difficulty:

  • More Anointed Gear
  • More EXP
  • Easier penalties in Mayhem Mode

If slogging through Borderlands 3 is something that you’re considering a one and done, you can instead kick back and watch other people play the game. “But this doesn’t do anything,” you cry out. You fool. Watching people stream Borderlands 3 on Twitch will actually entitle you to rewards through the ECHOcast so long as a) they’re streamers with the ECHOcast extension, and b) you have the ECHOcast extension. We have a guide on how to install that here.

How ECHOcast works is pretty simple. If a streamer has it turned on and they loot a rare chest, they kick off an event with their viewers which is like a loot lottery. A viewer with ECHOcast will have the chance to win their chosen item from that chest. How this is affected by this week’s Mayhem on Twitch rare chest event is pretty great – all rare chest events have a 100% guaranteed win rate. There’s also a higher chance of streamers experiencing a Badass Viewer Event, coined by Gearbox as pretty rare. 

However, you’re going to need to have your SHIFT and Twitch accounts linked, as well as ECHOcast installed if you want to partake in the festivities. Now that you’ve got our rare chest event Borderlands 3 guide in hand, you should be able to enjoy the game-wide party! Need a hand with anything else? We have a guide on getting the Try-Bolt weapon.

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