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Ram-7 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Guide – Battle Pass Weapon

by Ginny Woo

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s debut season ramping up for a proper release amongst the community, there’s been a content roadmap released by Activision so that fans know what’s being prepared behind the scenes and what they can look forward to. With the Battle Pass system set to kick off too, players can expect rewards galore, including weapons. Here’s what we know about the Ram 7 Modern Warfare weapon.

Ram-7 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Guide – Battle Pass Weapon

If your interest in the Ram 7 has been piqued, then you’re not alone. Activision announced this very recently that it was planning on a content roadmap that would kick in before Season 1 and carry us throughout this latest adventure. For those who are unaware, Season 1 is going to kick off on December 3, and you’ll have the chance to get free content through the battle pass system. This content will include the Holger-26 rifle, along with the Ram-7.

The Ram-7 is a fully automatic assault rifle, and it’ll join the ranks of the M4A1, the AK-47, the Kilo 141 and other Modern Warfare AR greats when it’s made available on December 3. Regardless of whether or not players are shelling out for premium access, the Ram-7 will be available to earn. We’re not sure how you’re going to be able to get your mitts on this yet, but we suspect it might involve a number of multiplayer achievements, much like other venerated weapons in this latest Call of Duty title. Players will also be able to pick up new cosmetics through free play, and when we find out more about how, we’ll update our dedicated guides hub for this game. 

Now that you know a little bit more about the Ram-7 Modern Warfare AR that you can earn with Season 1’s arrival, hopefully you’re a little more excited now for the latest content drop. Need a hand with anything else in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Check out some tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you:

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