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Rainbow Six Siege Spetsnaz Operators – Fuze, Glaz, Kapkan, Tachanka

by Bryan Dawson

In Rainbow Six Siege there are four operators from the Russian Spetsnaz special forces unit, Fuze, Glaz, Kapkan and Tachanka. Fuze and Glaz are the offensive (Attacker) operators, while Kapkan and Tachanka are the defensive (Defender) operators. This article covers the information you need to know about each operator to determine if you want to unlock and eventually play as the operators.


  • Armor: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow
  • Primary Weapons: Ballistic Shield, 6P41, AK-12
  • Secondary Weapons: PMM, GSH-18
  • Generic Gadgets: Breach Charge, Stun Grenade
  • Unique Gadget: APM-6 Matryoshka

While most operators in Rainbow Six Siege require synergy with their teammates to be effective, Fuze is one of the most synergy reliant operators in the game. He’s slow, so maneuverability is limited, but he has heavy armor to compensate. His unique gadget is the APM-6 Matryoshka which is a Breach Charge that has built-in Cluster Charges to inflict significant damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be on the other side of the wall.

At first glance you may think Fuze is a great operator to have on your team. However, he has a limited number of charges, which means if you’re just randomly placing them on walls you’ll probably run out before you hit an opponent. In addition, if you need to save a hostage, you can’t use the charges anywhere near the hostage or you’re likely to kill them and lose the round. Therefore, Fuze is very limited in hostage games, and he’s near useless if you aren’t certain which rooms to bomb. You need another operator to tell Fuze where the enemies are located so he can place his charges and inflict some damage to the opposing team.


  • Armor: Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Primary Weapon: OTS-03
  • Secondary Weapons: PMM, GSH-18
  • Generic Gadgets: Smoke Grenade, Breach Charge
  • Unique Gadget: HDS Flip Sight

Glaz excels on larger maps because he has a sniper rifle. To some that means he’s not very effective in Rainbow Six Siege because most of the combat takes place in close quarters. However, that’s not entirely correct because while there are tons of walls and other obstacles, many of these environmental blockades are paper thin. Glaz can shoot through most walls and take down enemies with one or two shots before they even know what’s happened.

The problem with Glaz is that in order to use him effectively you really need to know exactly where the opposition is at. That requires the use of cameras and drones to find your enemies, as well as vast knowledge of each map so you know exactly where to shoot from in order to remain at a safe distance while still hitting your targets. Glaz arguably has the steepest learning curve of any operator in Rainbow Six Siege, but he can be deadly in the right hands.


  • Armor: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow
  • Primary Weapons: 9X19VSN, SASG-12
  • Secondary Weapons: PMM, GSH-18
  • Generic Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Nitro Cell
  • Unique Gadget: EDD MK II Entry Denial Device

Kapkan has the ability to place traps at entry points that will explode if the opposing team does not disable them before going through these entry points. When a player is new to Rainbow Six Siege these traps can be deadly. However, once players start to get a handle on the game and understand the need to look for traps before entering, they won’t be as effective.

While Kapkan’s effectively declines against skilled opponents, he’s still effective as an early warning alarm. In most cases the opposing team must shoot the traps to remove them. You can hear the gun fire and determine where the enemy is trying to enter from so you can prepare a proper defense. There are other operators that are generally more effective, but if you use Kapkan as an early warning system, he can be the most effective operator in the game.


  • Armor: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow
  • Primary Weapons: SASG-12, 9X19VSN
  • Secondary Weapons: PMM, GSH-18
  • Generic Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Deployable Shield
  • Unique Gadget: Mounted LMG

Think of Tachanka like a human tank. He has heavy armor but slow movement speed, but his unique gadget is a mounted LMG which inflicts significant damage at a rapid pace. He can also deploy shield to add additional defensive measures to your position. Any of your teammates can use the shield of mounted LMG making it one of the most versatile choices in the game.

If you need to make a stand and you have a good defensive perimeter, Tachanka is a great bonus to your fortification. Set him up at en entry point or behind a wall and just let the mounted LMG rip as your opponents try to get in. With a deployable shield in the right place it can be very difficult to take on a well-defended Tachanka.

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