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Rage 2: How to Farm Project Points

by John Cooper

Rage 2 is set in an unforgiving and harsh post-apocalypse where people would shoot you sooner than talk to you. That’s why, in the rare case where someone is friendly, you’re going to want to work with them to get things done. In order to take out the Authority, you have to work alongside three characters, and the Projects are the games way of letting you scratch each other’s backs while working towards a common goal. You’re going to need Project Points in order to get the most from each of them, so this is how you can farm Project Points in Rage 2.

In order to get more Project Points, you need to level up each of the different Projects. There are three in total, each corresponding to a different NPC. Each of these gains levels as you complete certain activities in the open world. The best way to farm Project Points is to complete these tasks and keep levelling up each Project. The early levels take less experience, so in order to get a lot of points quickly, you’re going to want to do a variety of different things. Here are the Projects and which activities relate to them:

  • Search & Recover for Dr Kvasir: Arks, Ranger Echoes, and Feltrite Meteors.
  • Capture & Control for Loosum Hagar: Pit Stops, Road Chokers, Repowering Stations, Convoys, and Authority Sentries.
  • Kill & Destroy for John Marshall: Mutie Nests, Electro Forges, Bandit Dens, and Crusher Nests.

Each of these is color coded too, with Search & Recover being blue, Capture & Control being orange, and Kill & Destroy being pink. The quickest way to get a lot of points is to simply do a lot of these tasks. It is well worth getting Search & Recover up to level seven as fast as possible in order to unlock the Icarus, as this will make map traversal – and therefore your life in the wasteland – much easier.

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