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Quickly Leveling Up Apex Legends Characters

by Prima Games Staff

There’s nothing like leveling up a character in Apex Legends, but XP doesn’t necessarily have to be earned through killing. There’s a variety of things players can do to quickly get characters to the top levels. Each character’s stats are separate, so it takes time to get everyone raised up. Along the way, you’ll earn Apex Packs (which contain cosmetic items) and Legend Tokens, which are used to unlock additional characters such as Mirage and Caustic.

Earning XP In Apex Legends

Obviously, a big part of playing Apex Legends is killing opposing players and wiping out squads, but there are a lot of ways to boost your total XP during a match. So, you don’t necessarily have to have the fastest trigger finger around.

Here are all the actions that earn XP in Apex Legends

  • Survival Time: Earns about 180 XP for every minute you stay alive.
  • Killing Enemies: Earns 50 XP per kill. 
  • Dealing Damage: Earns the XP equivalent of the total damage you did during a match divided by 4.
  • Reviving Allies: Earns 25 XP for each squadmate you revive.
  • Respawning Allies: Earns 25 XP for each squadmate you respawn
  • Killing Champions: Earns an extra 500 XP for each Champion killed by you.
  • Killing Leaders: Earns an extra 50 XP for each enemy squad leader killed by you.
  • Playing Alongside Friends: Teaming up with people from your friends list will add a 5 percent bonus to your survival time XP.
  • Finishing As the Top 3: Ranking during a match earns 300 XP.
  • Winning the Match: Earns an extra 500 XP.

With all these factors considered, the fastest way to level up is to play alongside friends and survive for as long as possible to maximize the survival bonus XP. Best of all, the friends bonus stacks, so inviting two friends to play will get you top XP. Another bonus is that kills are counted by squads, not individuals, so all kills earned by your group will get XP, leaving you free to play a support role if you want. By playing and practicing together, you’ll develop a better chance at getting some of the other achievements for even more XP.

In the meantime, remember that communications are critical, so it’s advisable to have everyone on a squad use a microphone and headset. Additionally, memorize controls such as pinging to mark loot and enemies. The better coordinated your squad is, the better chances of survival you’ll have.

Helping teammates out by reviving and respawning them also earns a decent amount of XP, but it’s probably not an activity one should strive for. Instead, set your sights on taking out Champions, which brings in a whopping 500 XP on top of the 50 XP kill and the damage you did. Defeating Champions is also a good way to rise up the match ranks so that maybe you’ll finish in the top 3. But be careful, because becoming a Champion will turn you into a valuable target for others.

If you’re unable to hunt Champions, looking for Leaders may be a good substitute, even though it only earns a 50 XP bonus. You’ll have to figure out the best combination of activities that best suit your play style and skill to maximize your XP.

Just keep in mind that XP only applies to individual characters, and there’s no way to level them all up at once. Also, your player profile level will remain unchanged regardless of which character you play.

Now get out there and get hunting!

Prima Games Staff

The staff at Prima Games.