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PUBG – What is the Premium Event Pass?

by Josh Hawkins

If you launched PUBG today, then you probably noticed that the game received quite a hefty update. On top of a new map and some changes to the UI and balancing, PUBG also received its first Event Pass. But what exactly is this Event Pass? And how do you unlock all of the items on it? Here’s what you need to know about the PUBG premium Event Pass.

What is the Event Pass in PUBG?

The Event Pass in PUBG is a monthly ticket that allows players to level up and unlock new rewards. This works very similarly to the Battle Pass in Fortnite, allowing players to unlock cosmetic items like clothing, skins, and even rewards like extra BP and BP Boosters.

Now, there are two levels to the Event Pass. Much like the Battle Pass, players can level up without spending any money, unlock specific rewards along the way. However, if you purchase a Premium Event Pass, you can level up quicker, and also unlock more rewards between levels. You can see a screenshot of the difference within the first few levels below.

As you can see, there’s plenty of reason to purchase the Premium Event Pass, especially if you’re looking to unlock new cosmetic items and save up on BP for different crates. Of course, as you level up more and more, you’ll find that the rewards come around more often, so even if you don’t purchase the Premium Event Pass, you can expect to get plenty of rewards for reaching the end of the Event Pass by the time it comes to a close.

There’s no information on whether these Event Passes will return ever thirty days, or even how often they’ll come around at this point. However, it is an interesting idea to see PUBG adopting, and it is something that has worked really for Fortnite in the past, so it makes sense for PUBG to embrace a similar formula.

You can learn more about the update with the  latest patch notes. You can also head over to our PUBG guides for more helpful information about the game.

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