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New PUBG Karakin Map – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

Season 6 of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will be kicking off soon, and it will be bringing a brand new map for players to experience. This new PUBG map is known as Karakin and is a small map that envokes a desert theme like its predecessor Miramar. Fortunately for all of you interested individuals, we have everything you need to know about the new PUBG map of Karakin covered for you. 

PUBG New Karakin Map

Players will notice that Karakin is a much smaller map than the rest of the ones in the game. This new location is a 2×2 KM island located off of the northern coast of Africa. Only 64 players will be battling for Chicken Dinners on Karakin instead of the usual 100 players. 

One of the new features that Karakin is bringing to PUBG is a destructible environment that changes every match. One way this occurs is through the new Black Zone mechanic that is only available on Karakin. This Black Zone is designed to push players out of buildings to discourage camping and is completely random when it comes to where it lays its destruction. The destruction caused by the Black Zone also evolves in real-time during a match. Players will know where the Black Zone is about to hit by a purple circle on their map. 

PUBG New Karakin Map

Another way that players can take advantage of the destructible environments on the PUBG island is through the use of sticky bombs. Players can use these sticky bombs at specific breach points to enter buildings in unexpected ways. 

Another significant change that is being made is that the weakest walls on the island will be able to be shot through by players meaning that hiding behind a piece of damaged drywall does not mean you will be safe from a hail of bullets. 

This island will also be replacing Vikendi in the active map pool of the battle royale title. However, Vikendi will still be playable in custom matches. 

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