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PUBG Mobile – How to Reset Appearance and Name

by Josh Hawkins

PUBG Mobile is finally here and players can take the fast-paced action of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with them on the go. If you’re diving into the game, then you’ve probably already created your character. But what happens if you messed up your name or gave your character the wrong look? Don’t worry, because you can reset appearance and name PUBG Mobile. This article covers everything you need to know about how to change your appearance and name in PUBG Mobile.

If you’re trying to figure out how to reset your appearance in PUBG on PC, then head over to our other guide to find out how to change how your character looks in the desktop version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

How to Change Name and Appearance

No matter how much time you put into setting up your character’s appearance, change is always nice, and being able to change your appearance and name in video games is something that has become more and more popular. We’ve already covered how to change your appearance and name in PUBG on desktop, so if you’re looking for info on how to do it there, be sure to check out that guide for help there.

If you want to change your name or appearance on mobile, though, things get a touch trickier. First you’re going to need to earn a total of at least 3,000BP to spend on the appearance change. Once you have the cash for it, though, things get easy. Head to the main menu and select the Inventory option. Once this menu opens up, look for a Reset Appearance option just above your character model on the top-right. Click it and you’ll be asked to confirm the change. If you confirm it, you’ll get to change your model to whatever you wanted it to be—including a character of the opposite sex.

If you want to change your name, though, things are a little tougher. In fact, at this moment in time it doesn’t look like there is really any way to change your name in PUBG mobile, which means you’re going to be stuck with your name unless you sign into a different game account on the app. We’re not sure if Tencent and Bluehole will add a name change option to the game in the future, but for now you’re stuck with the name that you chose.

If you need more help in PUBG mobile, you can head over to our PUBG guide and check out all the different content we have there for both the mobile and the desktop versions of the game. We’ll have more content for PUBG mobile coming soon, so check back often for the most up to date info about the game.


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