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PUBG – Full Achievements List

by Larryn Bell

The latest update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Update #7, added various new features to PUBG on PC, including a PUBG Friends List and a handful of emotes. Among the newly added features were 37 new PUBG Steam Achievements for players on PC version 1.0. The PUBG Steam Achievements have only gone live for PC players so far, so console players will need to wait a bit longer to begin earning achievements on Xbox One.

We’ve put together a full list of all the PUBG Steam Achievements for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds below, along with their descriptions indicating how to unlock them. Continue reading to find out how to get each PUBG achievement.

PUBG achievements PC

Full PUBG Achievements List

Some PUBG achievements are much easier to get compared to others. For example, the Guardian Angel achievement seems relatively simple compared to an achievement like Fast and Furious. Make sure to keep track of the tasks you need to complete in order to unlock every Steam Achievement for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

To view your PUBG Steam Achievements while in-game, press Shift+ Tab to bring up the Steam overlay and navigate to the Steam Achievements section.

pubg steam achievements list

  • Agent 48 – Kill 50 players with suppressed weapons.
  • Airborne – Jump out from an airplane 101 times.
  • Blood on My Hands – Kill a player by any means.
  • Collateral Damage – Kill 100 players by any means.
  • CQB Novice – Kill 10 players with a shotgun, SMG or pistol.
  • CQB Expert – Kill 50 players with a shotgun, SMG or pistol.
  • CQB Master – Kill 200 players with a shotgun, SMG or pistol.
  • Cruising with the Enemy – Get into a vehicle where an enemy player is already in.
  • Devil Inside Me – Kill 10 players by any means.
  • Don’t Pan Me Bro! – Kill another player with the frying pan.
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! – Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Solo.
  • Dynamic Duo – Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Duos.
  • Fantastic Four – Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Squads.
  • Fast and Furious – Kill 10 players by hitting them with a vehicle.
  • First Blood – Get the first kill of a match.
  • First Come, First Served – Loot 50 items from the care package.
  • Fury Road – Kill 10 players with a gun while in a vehicle.
  • Ghost – Equip a suppressed weapon in every weapon slot.
  • Guardian Angel – Revive a knocked-down teammate.
  • Health Junkie – Charge your boost gauge to the max with energy rink and painkiller overdose.
  • Killing Spree – Kill at least 4 players in a single match.
  • Last Survivor – Win a game 10 times.
  • Long and Winding Road – Kill 1000 players by any means.
  • Marksman Novice – Kill 10 players with an assault rifle or sniper rifle from over 10 meters away.
  • Marksman Expert – Kill 30 players with an asssault rifle or sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.
  • Marksman Master – Kill 100 players with an assault rifle or sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.
  • Nade King Novice – Kill 10 players with grenades.
  • Nade King Expert – Kill 30 players with grenades.
  • Nade King Master – Kill 50 players with grenades.
  • Now You See Me, Now You Don’t – Equip a ghillie suit for the first time.
  • Okay, Now I’m Ready – Equip a Lv. 3 Helmet, Military Vest and Backpack in 10 matches.
  • Pacifist – Reach the top 10 without killing anyone.
  • Shoot the Knee – Kill 10 players with the crossbow.
  • The First Rule Is… – Kill 20 players with bare hands.
  • Top 10 – Reach the top 10 10 times.
  • Trigonometry Involved – Headshot and kill 10 enemy players with a sniper rifle.
  • You Complete Me – Wear the outfit of a dead player.

Most of these PUBG achievements require you to survive long enough to accomplish certain objectives. If you need help unlocking some of the PUBG achievements on this list, be sure to visit our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game hub for tips on how to win and stay alive in PUBG.

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