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PUBG – Best Machine Guns

by Josh Hawkins

With over five different options for players to choose from, machine guns have quite a bit to offer players in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and if you don’t like the restrictions of a shotgun, then having an SMG or even an LMG as a backup can give you all the power that you need to take down your enemies. In this article we’ll explore the best machine guns in PUBG, to help you find out which are the best machine guns in PUBG that you should keep an eye open for.

Best Machine Guns in PUBG

We would like to note before we dive in too deeply that this list is based on the stats that have been gathered by the PUBG community, and the information contained herein may change and evolve over time. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the weapons in PUBG, and update our article accordingly over time.


As the only machine gun that is locked behind air drops, players can expect quite a bit from the M249. Like any LMG, it’s basically a machine that spews death at your enemies. Offering a base damage of 44 damage per hit, and with an insane fire rate of .075s, and 100 rounds per magazine, the M249 is a death laser when focused on your enemies. You can check out the full stats below.

  • Ammo: 5.56
  • Damage: 44
  • Magazine Capacity: 100
  • Range: 100-500
  • Bullet Speed: 915
  • Fire Rate: .075s

Tommy Gun

This SMG might not be the most common machine gun in PUBG, but it’s definitely the best close-quarters machine gun that you’ll find in the game. With a base damage of 38 per hit, and a magazine capacity of 100 rounds per magazine, players are sure to melt their enemies when using the Tommy Gun. The only big drawback here is that you can’t put any type of sight on it, so you’ll be forced to use the gun’s built on iron sights, which aren’t the easiest to use.

  • Ammo: .45
  • Damage: 38
  • Magazine Capacity: 100
  • Range: 100-200
  • Bullet Speed: 280
  • Fire Rate: .086s


The next machine gun on our list is one that players can find quite commonly throughout PUBG, and while it offers less damage and magazine capacity than the two previous entries on our list, it’s still one of the best guns for close-quarters situations, especially if you can score an SMG Suppressor and an Extended Magazine. It has a much slower fire rate than the previous entries on this list, but it works well in both short to medium range situations, making it a bit more adaptable than the Tommy Gun or other SMGs in the game.

  • Ammo: 9mm
  • Damage: 35
  • Magazine Capacity: 30
  • Range: 100-300
  • Bullet Speed: 400
  • Fire Rate: .092s

You shouldn’t entirely write off the Micro UZI, and the Vector also has quite a bit to offer. The only real caveat with either of these weapons is that you’ll want an extended magazine to tac on, as they eat through bullets extremely quickly. Based purely on stats, though, the three weapons that we’ve mentioned above have the most to offer when it comes to machine guns in PUBG.

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