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PS4 Controller Layout for Ace Combat 7

by Larryn Bell

When starting out in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, the controls are relatively easy to learn, even for players who are new to the flight simulator series. The PS4 controls in Ace Combat 7 are intuitive and can be adjusted to suit the players preferences in the settings. We’ll go over the PS4 controller layout for Ace Combat 7 below so you can spend less time learning the controls and more time taking to the skies. 

PS4 Controller Layout in Ace Combat 7

  • Left Stick – Pitch Up/Down; Turn or Roll Left/Right
  • Right Stick – Camera 
  • R3 – Change View
  • R2 – Accelerate 
  • L2 – Decelerate 
  • L1 – Yaw Left 
  • R1 – Yaw Right 
  • L3 + R3 – Flare
  • Touch Pad – Toggle Radar Map – Touchpad
  • X – Fire Machine Gun 
  • O – Fire Missile/Weapon 
  • Triangle – Change Target 
  • Square – Change Weapon
  • Options – Pause Menu On/Off

PS4 Controller Layout Ace Combat 7

The most important controls in Ace Combat 7 pertain to the movements of the aircraft. The left stick controls the pitch of the aircraft up and down, as well as turning or rolling the aircraft left or right (see the expert controls below). The right stick controls the camera, allowing you to swing around and look at the outside of your aircraft. Clicking R3 will change to an inside view of the aircraft.

Acceleration and deceleration in Ace Combat 7 is done using the trigger buttons. L2 allows you to slow down, while R2 causes you to accelerate. The yaw controls are mapped to the left and right shoulder buttons, L1 and R1. The acceleration and yaw controls can be swapped in the controller settings.

It’s important to know how to use your weapons and offensive capabilities when understanding the PS4 controller layout for Ace Combat 7. Pressing X will fire the machine gun, while the Circle button allows you to fire missiles or use another weapon you may have equipped. To change between these two weapons, press Square. To change targets, press Triangle.

If you want, you can swap the controls for changing weapons with the default button for toggling the radar map display, which defaults to the touch pad on the PS4 controller. You can toggle this setting within the Controller options under the Radar Map/Switch Weapons category.

Defensive maneuvers are also important to keep in mind while airborne in Ace Combat 7. Pressing L3 and R3 at the same time will release flares behind your aircraft, which will derail hostile missiles that may be hot on your tail. 

Standard vs. Expert Controls

Ace Combat 7 gives players the option to switch between standard and expert controller layouts. The main difference between these to control schemes is what L3 does when moving left to right. In the standard control layout, moving L3 side to side will turn the aircraft left and right. The expert controls will roll the aircraft left and right instead, which can be a bit more challenging when done in tandem with the up/down pitch. 

Ace Combat 7 Expert Controls

To change the controller layout in Ace Combat 7, select Options from the main menu and navigate to Flight System. Here, you can switch between standard and expert controller configurations. You can also do this from the pause screen by navigating to Control Type under Flight System.

Now that you have a better sense of the PS4 controller layout in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, you should be able to get the hang of controlling and maneuvering with your aircraft rather quickly. Check out our other Ace Combat 7 guides for more gameplay tips.