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A game that mixes in Spider-Man, GTA, Anime, and a touch of Gacha, I betcha!

Bansy at a Train Station in Project Mugen
Image from Project Mugen Website

Project Mugen may have only a few trailers under its belt and a dream, but this new open-world gacha game already shows a lot of promise. It introduces a new type of exploration that not only blends traveling along the ground via vehicle but also a version where players can swing through the buildings in between skyscrapers reminiscent of the best hero in Marvel.

All Current Available Project Mugen Codes

All Working Project Mugen Codes

[There are No Current Working Project Mugen Codes As of Yet]

All Expired Project Mugen Codes

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How to Redeem Codes in Project Mugen

[The Game Has Not Been Released Yet and Codes Cannot be Redeemed Through Project Mugen’s Site As of Yet]

Where to Find More Project Mugen Codes

Project Mugen has already got it’s official websites going, including a YouTube Channel to feature future gameplay for the game, Twitter (presently known as X) is where new players can look forward to updates on future characters and faster news updates. Their Discord has multiple sources of information such as updates to the game, and links to their other official websites, and will be the primary source of where players can get their codes fast so they can redeem them in-game. Project Mugen also has a TikTok where they are also posting their trailers, information about coming characters, and each new game update that they are previewing. 

Why Isn’t My Code Working in Project Mugen?

The most likely reason why codes won’t be working in Project Mugen is that the game isn’t out yet! There isn’t a launcher or method through their official website yet either to claim rewards. 

What is Project Mugen?

Project Mugen is an up-and-coming urban open-world exploration game that takes on a more modern setting than what we’ve seen from the more popular gacha games that have come out in previous years. Produced by NetEase, this game has already featured swinging through the city similar to Spider-Man, beautifully rendered animations for character ults, and a thrilling story of giants and meteors crashing from the sky. Also, you can pick up cats in the game!

There’s still a lot to look forward to for Project Mugen and though the updates may be slow, we won’t be missing out on any of them. To look up more news and guides on the game Project Mugen, be sure to check out the article tag just below.

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