The next generation of Pokemon games will soon be available for fans across the world to enjoy when Sword and Shield become available on November 15th. There is plenty of excitement from the community directed towards the first main games from the famous entertainment franchise coming to the Nintendo Switch. This excitement has led to many individuals pre-ordering one or both of the games to reap some unique rewards. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the pre-order bonuses for both titles covered.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pre-Order Bonuses

There are a total of five different pre-order bonuses players can get when it comes to the new games. These pre-order bonuses differ depending on which retailer where you purchase the games. 


Pokemon Sword and Shield Pre Order Bonuses

You can find all five types of pre-order bonuses and the retailers they are provided below:

  • GameStop - Double-sided wall poster for pre-ordering the double pack
  • Walmart - Keychain featuring all three starters for pre-ordering the double pack
  • Pokemon Center - Free keychain plush featuring one of the games' starters
  • Amazon - $10 credit for Prime members only for pre-ordering one of the games and Gold Studded Leather Case DLC for pre-ordering the double pack
  • Best Buy - $10 credit for My Best Buy members only and collectible coin for pre-ordering the double pack

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