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Pokémon Rumble World Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Pokémon Rumble World is now available, and is a fine extension to the original game. It gives fans ample opportunity to collect hundreds of Pokémon while visiting some impressive new areas. It takes time to build up your team – especially against bosses – but it’s a fun component for fans of the series.

Here are some tips that will help you get started in the game!

The Combat System

The first thing you’ll want to do is get used to the battle system. Fortunately, it’s quite simple in nature as you take control over one of your Pokémon toys in real time, and beat up opponents using two attack buttons. They’re pretty easy to use, and provide the opportunity to knock over the Pokémon toy you’re fighting against.

You’ll want to watch out for the moment they’re going to attack, and be sure to counterattack at just the right time. Once you do, they should be down for the count, enabling you to successfully capture them.

Attacks vary by character, and with hundreds available, they can be quite different from one another. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what combos and bonus coins you can find during each fight. Check which moves are available, and then prepare for battle!

If you find yourself defeated in battle (likely during a boss fight), you can pay two diamonds to recover, or simply restart the battle. Depending on your progress, you can choose to go either way. Considering how you can pick up new diamonds over the course of your journey, spending a couple isn’t the worst decision in the world. It all depends on whether or not you think your character can successfully win the fight.


When it comes to getting around in Pokémon Rumble World, you’ll need to use hot air balloons. These can take you right into the new areas directly, though in some situations you’ll have to pay for them. They can cost anywhere between ten to one hundred Diamonds depending on where you go. You should have a decent amount of diamonds accrued depending upon how many you’ve earned through battles, StreetPasses (running into friends also playing the game), and Daily Challenges. If you find yourself lacking the necessary amount of diamonds,  you can always opt to buy more.

There is an option to wait for a refill if you wish to do so, but this can take some time. Overall, don’t be afraid to spend a diamond or two. As you do, you’ll visit new locales and find even more Pokémon to collect. And you definitely have room for them all, so you won’t have to worry about running out of space. Like the signature Pokémon catchphrase, gotta catch ’em all!

Cleaning House

You’ll have access to a Pokémon House in the game where you can store your Pokémon toys as you collect them. There’s only room for thirty at first, but you can expand its size using diamonds. Many players will opt to do this, if only to watch their collection grow before their own eyes.

When it comes to house management, avoid leaving duplicates around. You can carry them along with you, and also keep one type available so that you don’t run out of space too quickly. Try to expand your house as much as you can – again, you’ll have ample opportunities to pick up Diamonds in the game.

Taking On Bosses

Perhaps one of the biggest areas of frustration in Pokémon Rumble World is battling the various bosses. However, once you get used to the strategies they follow, you should have no trouble bringing them down enough to make their capture rate 100 percent. Once you do this you can successfully add them to your ever-growing lineup.

First, watch out for the boss’ three normal attacks. After they’ve unleashed these, they will then prepare for an even bigger attack. Prepare for it so that it doesn’t hit you. At this point, it’ll be resting. Attack it with whatever you can hit it with until it eventually becomes wobbled. The more wobbled it is, the more open it is to taking damage. However, it’ll return back to its normal state soon – so maintain a watchful eye!

If you can, try to give your Pokémon the “Gutsy” ability. With this armed, you’ll be able to increase your chances of making the boss wobbly, enabling you to hit it more. Focus Energy also works very well when it comes to knocking it into this state.

Again, once it’s ready to go you should be close to the 100 percent capture rate allowing you to pick it up.

There is no “right” Pokémon for these battles, so there’s no harm in experimenting. Pikachu is usually a safe bet with his electric attacks, but others can be quite effective as well – especially if “Gutsy” is included in their abilities.

Good luck!


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