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Pokemon Quest Geodude Recipe

by Bryan Dawson

Pokemon Quest has been available for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch for a little while now. As people start to dig deeper into the game, they want to know how to get specific Pokemon. Lately, people have been looking for the Pokemon Quest Geodude recipe, so today we’re here to help. In this article we’ll cover the Pokemon Quest Geodude recipe and all the different ways you can combine ingredients to lure the Rock-type Pokemon to your base camp.

Pokemon Quest Geodude Recipe

  • Stone Soup a la Cube

To lure Geodude to your base camp, you want to make Stone Soup a la Cube. This dish lures in various Rock-type Pokemon, but the most basic version of the recipe is the one you want if you’re looking for Geodude. Use any of the Stone Soup a la Cube recipes below and you’ll have a 50 percent chance of getting Geodude in your camp.

Stone Soup a la Cube Recipes

  • Apricorn (3), Fossil (2)
  • Apricorn (2), Fossil (3)
  • Apricorn (2), Fossil (2), Bluk Berry (1)
  • Apricorn (1), Fossil (3), Bluk Berry (1)
  • Apricorn (2), Fossil (2), Tiny Mushroom (1)
  • Apricorn (1), Fossil (3), Tiny Mushroom (1)

While there are quite a few recipes for Stone Soup a la Cube, the ones above are the only ones that have a high chance of attracting Geodude. Most of the other ways to make Stone Soup a la Cube will net you an Onix, Omanyte or Kabuto. If you’re looking for Geodude, stick to the recipes above and you should have him pretty quickly.

For a full list of dishes you can make and much more, be sure to check out our Pokemon Quest game hub!

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