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Pokemon Masters EX Champion Stadium – What You Need to Know

by Lucas White

Nearly one year ago, The Pokemon Company introduced its latest mobile game, Pokemon Masters. This real-time RPG sees players build teams of “Sync Pairs,” which are essentially classic Pokemon characters paired up with their favorite Pokemon. As the game’s first anniversary approaches, the developers are updating the game’s title, and bringing with that change some major new features.

Pokemon Masters EX Champion Stadium Guide

The biggest new feature will be the Champion Stadium. Once the anniversary update arrives on August 27, 2020, players will be able to take on their greatest challenge yet. Participating in the Champion Stadium is no laughing matter, but they’ll be the primary way to earn what you’ll need to access the other new feature, 6-Star EX Pairs. This will be a limited feature as it begins to roll out, but will be expanded over time.

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In order to take on the Champion Stadium challenge in Pokemon Masters EX, you’re going to need to stick around a while if you’re new. You’ll need to build up a set of 15 Sync Pairs strong enough to challenge the Kanto region’s Elite Four, along with their champion, Blue. You’ll be splitting those 15 Sync Pairs into five teams of three, and each time you use a team you won’t be able to use them a second time. You’ll want each team to specialize as well, because each opponent will have a type weakness you can take advantage of.

That said, what that weakness is will change every week, as well as the Pokemon you’ll be facing. So you’ll be wanting to challenge the Champion Stadium multiple times to get all the rewards you’ll want, but you’ll have to stay on your toes and keep your roster up to shape. This is doubly true if you’re challenging the Hard difficulty, which is built for players in need of a new challenge. And speaking of new challenges, as time goes on the pool of champions you’ll challenge will shift as well, as groups from other regions will appear.

We will learn more in the coming weeks as the developers of Pokemon Masters EX release more information. Namely we’ll be focused on what exactly is needed to get that 6-Star EX upgrade. That said you’ll need to challenge the Champion Stadium regardless, so make sure you have that many teams ready to go.

Are you a Pokemon Masters player excited about the EX update and new Champion Stadium challenges? Or are you a lapsed player looking to come back and check out the anniversary events and updates? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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