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Pokemon Go – Zapdos Counters

by Bryan Dawson

With Zapdos taking on the role of a raid boss in Pokemon Go, many players have been looking for Zapdos counters. This article covers the main Pokemon you should be using to counter Zapdos in Pokemon Go raids. We’ll offer a variety of Pokemon types so you’re not left having to find and level up a bunch of Pokemon and can hopefully use some Pokemon you already have to counter Zapdos. Zapdos is a little easier than some of the other Legendary raid bosses, but you’ll still need to know which Pokemon best counter Zapdos to succeed.

We’ve already covered which Pokemon types are best to use against Zapdos, so this article will delve into specific Pokemon to use and which attacks you should be using with those Pokemon. Once you’ve taken down and captured Zapdos, you can check out which attacks are best when using Zapdos to attack gyms or perform other activities in Pokemon Go.

Zapdos Counters

As an Electric and Flying type Pokemon, Zapdos is weak to Ice and Rock types. If you recently took down Moltres, you can probably use many of the same Pokemon against Zapdos. Golem and Tyranitar work especially well against both Moltres and Zapdos, but we also recommend Piloswine, Jinx, Dragonite or really almost any Pokemon with Stone Edge.

If you’re using Golem, Rock Throw and Stone Edge should be your preferred attacks, while Tyranitar should be using Bite and Stone Edge. Piloswine should be equipped with Ice Shard and Avalanche, with Jinx having a similar move set with Frost Breath and Avalanche. Finally, Dragonite should be using Dragon Breath and Outrage to make the most of your attacks.

Pokemon Type Quick Move Charge Move
Dragonite Dragon / Flying Dragon Breath Outrage
Golem Rock / Ground Rock Throw Stone Edge
Jinx Ice / Psychic Frost Breath Avalanche
Piloswine Ice / Ground Ice Shard Avalanche
Tyranitar Rock / Dark Bite Stone Edge


Weakness Against Damage Increase
Ice 1.40x
Rock 1.40x

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